Living Room Progress

Wow, 6 months since I last posted. So much for getting to those house updates! Life with a 1 year old (yes, 1! My baby turned 1 on the 14th!) is pretty crazy. He’s so busy and curious and needs to stay active, or he gets bored and starts getting into things. It makes having time for things like blog posts next to impossible. When he naps, or when he’s in bed at night, I either have cleaning to do or I just want to collapse into bed. It’s also difficult to keep the house clean and tidy enough to take pictures of it. I feel like all I do is clean up messes all day and the house still isn’t clean haha I’ll take a messy house any day if it means my babe is happy and thriving, but I really do want to make posting a priority again. It’s a good creative outlet for me, even if there are only 5 people reading it :) anyway, all of that was sort of pointless but I always feel the need to explain when it’s been ages since I’ve written anything. So, I finally have some progress pictures of one room in the house. The whole house is furnished now and we’re happy and comfortable here, but most of it is in a half state of finished and it takes much longer to complete updates these days than it used to (see above where I mention my super busy toddler). The living room is by far the most “done” room in the house, so I wanted to share that. There are still so many things in here that are on my list to be worked on and updated, and it kind of made me second guess even sharing these pictures. It’s a bit hard for me to look at them and see all of the projects I want to complete, but I figure that most of us are living this way. There isn’t an unlimited budget to finish every project right away. It takes time to figure out exactly what you want to do with a space. I’ve found over the last year of living in this house that I actually like that I haven’t been able to do everything quickly. It’s really allowing me time to think about how we use our space every day and decide how to update it to best suit our family. As a refresher, this is what the space looked like on the day we closed: livingroom1 livingroom2 Pretty good bones to work with, and lots of natural light which I love. This is how this space is looking these days:

1entryshot   There are a few things I want to point out here. I left the shelf up that the old owners left when they moved out. It seemed like a pain to take it down and fill in the holes, and it’s nice to have something on the wall and be able to display some pretty things. I know I want to freshen it up somehow, maybe stain the shelf darker and paint the brackets? Or paint the shelf white and replace the brackets with something more modern? It’s still TBD. We’re also still living with the old owners paint colours throughout most of the house. We know we want to lighten things up, but it’s a big job so it won’t happen for a little while.

2fireplaceshot   I love, love, love that we have a fireplace. It was on my wish list for a house when we were looking, and I thought that it was a dream I would have to shelf for some day down the road when we could afford a house at a higher price point. So, I love that we have one but oh man…I’m really hating the trim work on that bad boy. I’ve investigated it a bit and I can’t tell how easy it would be to remove, so I think it’s one of those things that I’ll just have to try some day and hope I don’t destroy it in the process. I also really want to beef up the skimpy mantel and update the tile.

3orchid 4shelf   I’m not sold on leaving those frames black, but I wanted to live with them as is for a while. They were a clearance find at Walmart, and I love the burlap like matting in them but the black seems maybe too harsh. Not totally sure yet what my plan is for those.

5dresser   This dresser was a cast off from the bedroom, and my plan is to update it with a light paint colour. It works well as extra storage for linens and baby bibs and other random things. I also need to patch a hole in the wall in the entry from where an old doorbell used to be, so please ignore that :)

6chairandtable I still love this chair that I made over way back when. The moose adds some character too I think :) That table is a hand me down from my grandma, so I won’t ever have the heart to paint it.

7benchThis little bench used to be black, but my style has evolved into wanting everything to be light and bright so it got a new coat of paint a few months ago. I also love having that bucket beside the fireplace for blankets. This room is a lovely spot to snuggle up on the couch and relax in. So there it is. My first blog post in months and the first room update of the new house. It’s my goal to learn how to use my big girl camera to start taking nicer photos of everything. These were all taken on auto and then (poorly) brightened up in PicMonkey. Ha! Hey, it works for now. I’m really going to try and post again soon, but I know I can’t make any promises. I’m just enjoying spending my days with my sweet boy and soaking up every minute of mommy-hood. It’s crazy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything :)

One Response to “Living Room Progress”
  1. Womancipation Proclamation says:

    beautiful home! I’m young and newly married and my husband and i just moved to chicago two weeks ago so i am also working on a new (studio) home! found your blog on pinterest. love your living room!!!


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