The New House {Part Two}

I’m back with the second part of the before pictures of the new house. I have the basement and upstairs to show you, so I’ll start with the basement.


Sorry it’s so dark, but this is the first set of stairs leading down. We have a side entrance and a closet on this little landing, which is super handy for using the stroller when we go for walks. The only things to really do here are to paint that handrail white, and I would eventually like to rip up that carpet. It looks decent enough in pictures, but it has some stains and just looks tired. I’d also like to replace the ornate boob light with something more updated (you can just see the bottom of it in this picture). Who actually likes those boob lights??

After going down a second set of stairs, the laundry room is directly to the left:



This room is really big, which is great. We have the laundry area, Ryan’s sports equipment and my craft stuff and it’s still not cramped at all.

Ideas for the laundry room:

  • better solution for the cat litter (it’s pretty much out in the open right now which isn’t really ideal)
  • new machines (eventually…these ones still work well, but I’d love a matching high efficiency pair some day)
  • pretty up the laundry area more
  • organize the craft area and pretty it up

Directly to the right when you come down the basement stairs is the living area:



We have this square section set up as a TV area and the long space will be a play area and I’m also likely going to be starting a home based business that will utilize that space (not saying much right now since there are no concrete plans yet). I don’t have any solid plans for the basement really so not much to share here!

Heading to the upstairs of the house, we have this pretty, open staircase:



There’s a skylight which lets in so much natural light, it’s amazing. Again, this carpet is not great, so I’d like to do something with that eventually.

Once upstairs, the guest room is to the left at the front of the house:


I only got this one picture, but it’s a basic room. It has a closet in it as well.

Ideas for guest room:

  • paint (I really dislike this green colour, so it needs to go)
  • set up a desk area to have a little office space
  • add a nice area rug
  • curtains? (I’d need a ceiling mounted curtain rod since the blinds are installed so close to the ceiling, and I’m not sure if that even exists)

The hallway up here is sort of an awkward space due to the slanted ceiling:


Ideas for upstairs hallway:

  • add built-in bookshelves with a bench?
  • use it to display kids artwork in a gallery type set-up?

I’m not totally sure yet how to best utilize this space, so it will probably stay empty for a while.

There’s another full bathroom up here as well:



There’s a skylight in here as well which is great for letting in natural light, which floods out into the hallway.

Ideas for upstairs bathroom:

  • run plumbing for shower head through the wall
  • glass doors (the slanted ceiling makes it impossible to hang a shower curtain)
  • replace tile – new tile or a tub surround (our home inspector said that over time water will continue to get in around that built-in soap holder and will compromise the drywall in behind. We don’t shower up here right now obviously, but it would be nice to eventually finish it properly so it can be used by guests and children)

And lastly, the nursery which is at the back of the house:


This room is slightly larger than the guest room I believe and it also has a closet.

Ideas for nursery:

  • paint (this has already been done…it’s still blue, just a lighter blue with a bit more grey in it)
  • cozy rug (done!)
  • curtains? (same situation as guest room, they’d need to be ceiling mounted)
  • add hanging bar to closet (we’ll need this when Hunter is wearing larger clothing that needs to be hung)
  • white plank ceiling (I hate popcorn ceilings, so I thought installing wooden planks over it would look nice and we wouldn’t have to scrape them down)
  • lots of little touches!

The only spaces I don’t have pictures of are the deck/backyard, but I’ll share that in the spring when I actually do something out there.

I really love this little house of ours and I’m really enjoying decorating and making it our own. I can’t wait to start getting into some more in depth projects to start changing things to suit our family better.

I forgot to mention in the first post about how we actually bought the house…our realtor had sent us some new listings to look at on a Friday evening. We had arranged to look at more properties with him on the following Monday, but as soon as I saw the listing for this house I knew that we had to see it before that because there was no way it was going to last through the weekend. We set up a last minute viewing to see it the next day (Saturday). We met him there at 1pm and he told us right away that 2 other offers were going in on it at 2pm! We loved it as soon as we saw it, so he talked the listing agent into waiting a bit longer so that we had time to get to our realtor’s office to do up the paperwork for the offer. We gave them our best offer and just hoped that it would be enough. After waiting a couple of hours, we got the call that they had accepted our offer! It was a tense few hours and a bit of a whirlwind, but we’re so glad that it worked in our favour! The day this all happened was also the day my sister and brother-in-law moved into their new house, which I thought was kind of neat :)

I’ll post soon with progress pictures of the living room since it’s definitely the most “done” looking space in the house so far!

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  1. It looks fantastic!! As for ceiling mounted hardware for curtains – they do exist! IKEA actually sells them and they’re very inexpensive! I just used some to put up curtains instead of a closet door and they’re great!

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