The New House {Part One}

As promised, I’m back with pictures of the new house. I took all of these quickly with my phone the day we got possession, so they aren’t great quality. I also don’t have a photo editing program at the moment, so nothing is cropped or brightened. Sorry! I’m going to separate the before pictures into two posts since there are several of them and I have lots to say about my ideas for the house :)

First, a few stats on the house: it’s 30 years old and is on a pretty, tree-lined crescent. Our backyard does back onto a pretty busy road, so it’s loud back there, but it’s a nice backyard and the house is nice enough that it wasn’t a deal breaker for us. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and it’s a 1 3/4 storey home which means that the ceilings are slanted on either side upstairs. It’s quite charming and it works well for children and guests.

This isn’t the greatest picture of the exterior (taken a couple of weeks ago), but it gives a good idea of what the house looks like from the street.


I’d like to add some colourful perennials next spring and I think it could look nice to add window boxes to those two windows. I am also considering if a painted door would look nice, but the door is fairly new and is in good shape, so Ryan would probably think I’m crazy for wanting to paint it haha

So, I didn’t get a before picture of the entry but it’s a decent size with a good sized closet. I’d like to eventually take the doors off of the closet and turn it into a mini mudroom (I’m sure most of us have seen examples of this on Pinterest).

Right off of the entry is the living room:



I LOVE that we have a fireplace! It was on my wish list when we were house hunting, but after seeing a few places in our price range I thought I’d have to shelf that dream until down the road when we can afford a little more. I’m so happy that my wish came true :) The paint colour is totally livable, but we will probably repaint in the next couple of years.

Ideas for the living room:

  • paint gold trim on fireplace (not totally sure how, I tried to remove it to spray paint but it won’t come off)
  • istall chunkier mantel
  • remove decorative trim from fireplace (I don’t hate it, but I’d prefer for it not to be there)
  • paint wooden shelf (it was left by the previous owners and it’s grown on me. It fills the wall in nicely as well and lets me display some fun stuff)

The dining room is open to the living room:



This set up is ideal for entertaining. We got a nice big farmhouse type table that fills the space in nicely.

Ideas for the dining room:

  • dresser repurposed into a buffet
  • replace ceiling fan with a hanging light fixture
  • hang picture ledges on long wall

The kitchen is right off of the dining room:




The kitchen is a galley style, so it isn’t huge. The kitchen of my dreams? No, but it has everything we need (finally, a dishwasher!) and gets tons of natural light from the sliding doors that go right out to the deck, which is great for summer BBQing.

Ideas for the kitchen:

  • paint (that pinky beige colour is awful)
  • add open shelving next to cabinets above the dishwasher
  • replace countertops
  • add tile backsplash
  • replace sink with an undermount
  • replace track lighting
  • hang curtains over sliding door? (sounds crazy, but it could help soften that wall and add some colour
  • fun rug in front of door
  • remove old cork board and create new command center

There’s a full bathroom on the main level that’s sort of off the dining room, and it’s a cheater ensuite with the master bedroom:


mainbath2That tub is the stuff that dreams are made of! Nice and deep for soaking :)

Ideas for bathroom:

  • paint (again with the pinky beige…yuck)
  • replace light fixtures (these ones are pretty darn ugly)
  • frame out mirror or hang new one
  • paint vanity? (maybe a nice navy blue)
  • add board and batten

The master bedroom is also on the main floor:


I only got this one picture of the master, but it’s pretty much just a square room with a very small closet.

Ideas for master:

  • paint (this wasn’t originally on my list, but I recently made curtains and the fabric colour doesn’t look that great with this paint colour. Oops.)
  • upholstered, tufted headboard
  • paint nightstands
  • install ceiling light fixture
  • add built-in closet storage (think Ikea’s PAX system) around bed (the right wall). This room desperately needs more storage! The painted nightstands will be a hold over until the built-in storage happens.

That’s all for the main floor, I’ll share the basement and upstairs in a second post. Obviously a lot of this stuff won’t be done for several more years since we don’t have an unlimited budget, but that will give us more time to live with things and really figure out where we want to spend money on making the house more our own. I’m very lucky that I have a husband who lets me do pretty much whatever I want when it comes to house stuff :)

I’ll be back in a few days with part two!


2 Responses to “The New House {Part One}”
  1. The house looks fantastic! I love that fireplace!!! Also, great layout of the house! You guys scored a gem!!! Congrats!

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