Bathroom Update

Our main bathroom has had some updates since the last time that I shared pictures of it so I decided to share what it’s looking like these days.

As a reminder, here is what the bathroom looked like when I last shared pictures (the only time I shared pictures actually haha). To see what the bathroom looked like before we moved in, go to this post.

The basket on the counter was not pretty, but at the time it was the best way to contain the things I used most while keeping them within reach. However, after I organized our linen closet I was able to find a home for most of that stuff and I rearranged things in the bathroom vanity so I was able to get the basket off the counter for good. So here is where our bathroom is today!


I got the shower curtain on clearance at Target last week for $12.50. I wasn’t really thinking that I needed a new shower curtain, but it was such a good price and I loved the pattern. The white one we had before was actually due to be replaced, I just hadn’t found anything that made me want to spend $30 on a new one haha the colours in this are totally colours that I’ll use in a bathroom down the road in a future house, so I’m very happy with our new shower curtain :)

2The bird painting used to hang in our dining room, but it got the boot a while ago when I made some new art to go on that wall (check out the house tour to see what it looks like actually hanging on the wall). I don’t know if I love it in here, but it works for now.

3I’m so much happier with how this area is looking now. Getting the basket off of the counter makes a big difference in this tiny bathroom, and I like that the glass shelf ties in with the glass towel bar. Some glass containers from the dollar store hold cotton pads and q-tips and my make-up mirror lives there as well.

4The striped art is something I whipped up the other day. Again, not totally sold on it (what is my deal with not finding art I like for this bathroom?) but it works better than what used to hang there…

5Yep, a cheapo old Walmart print. I just pulled the backing off and painted the stripes onto the white cardboard that was already in the frame. Easy and free, and it ties in better with the colours in the shower curtain.

So that’s how our little bathroom is looking! It feels much happier in there to me. Ideally I’d like to change the shower curtain rod, but I don’t want to spend a lot on something since this is a rental, but I’ll keep my eyes open for something. The countertop and faucet aren’t the prettiest, but they’re in good shape and this is a rental, so they work fine. The ceiling also needs some fixing up, so if I get around to that I may share that down the road. Anyway, just a quick little update post today!





2 Responses to “Bathroom Update”
  1. I love the striped painting!!! I think it should totally stay :) also, great score on the shower curtain!! Looks great!!

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