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Well, October sure was an epic fail on the post front. In my defence, it was a busy one. We had my sister’s wedding, Ryan’s brother’s wedding and a few other family things thrown in there. Plus I’ve been working more hours lately so I haven’t been super motivated on the creative front. Luckily, Halloween is now behind us which means it is perfectly acceptable to begin Christmas projects which should mean more stuff to share!

I thought I’d just put together a random post of a few things that I’ve been up to and the projects that I’d like to get started on in the next few months.

I’ve gotten some thrift store goodies over the last few weeks.

1I’m going to add some gold to the little white shop and will use it in Christmas decorating, and I’m going to use the mercury glass looking tea light holders in my Christmas decorating as well. The wooden pear and the brass deer were only $1 or $2 each so I figured they’d be nice little shelf styling props. Not sure yet where they’ll live permanently, but they were cheap and I liked them so they came home with me :)

I also picked up this owl figurine for a couple of dollars.

2Those eyes were totally freaking me out, it had to be painted right away. All I had on hand was glossy black, so that’s what it got. I may change the colour down the road, but it’s MUCH better now.

3I already have 2 white owls in my house, so if this one ever gets a colour change it probably shouldn’t be to white haha I’m going to need to cool it on the owls I think lol

I also picked up some inexpensive supplies at Michael’s to make some Christmas ornaments.

4I have more ornament ideas for this year so I’m looking forward to getting started on Christmas crafts.

I attended a 1920s themed party for my cousin’s 30th birthday which was lots of fun. I’m not someone who’s into dressing up, but I got into it and thought my costume turned out pretty well. Sadly, the only picture I got of it was mostly of my head haha

5I had some fun carving pumpkins this year to put out for the trick or treaters.

6I got several comments on them, so it was worth the effort :) Unfortunately it was cold and rainy here that night, but we still had lots of brave little people who came for candy. I’m not a Halloween person, but I love seeing little kids in their adorable costumes!

Lastly, Ryan and I decided for our gift to each other for Christmas this year that we would get an iPad.

7We just got it yesterday and I already love it! It makes blog reading and Pinterest browsing a dream!

I think I’ll be amping up the productivity over the next couple of months. Christmas always brings out my creativity and I already have a list started of crafty things that I want to do. I’ll be sure to share everything I’m up to!

I’m also hoping to get the laundry room finished up. Remember that? The room I started on months ago?? Yeeeeaaahhhh…..I got it mostly finished and then stalled so I’m going to make it a goal to have that finished before the end of the year. I also want to get started on refreshing our downstairs bathroom, because it is G.R.O.S.S. Whenever we have people over I ask them not to use it lol that’s when you know it’s really bad. So I’m also going to try to have that done in the next couple of months. I figure we’ll be living here about 10 more months or so, so there are a few more bigger projects that I’d like to get done before we move out.

Lastly, our engagement photos are ready!! I’ve already looked at all of them on a password protected site that our photographer sent us, but it doesn’t have the function of being able to save the photos so I’ll have to wait to share them until our disc comes in the mail. I really, really love them and can’t wait to show them off!

I hope everyone is enjoying the extra hour we got over the weekend. It’s kind of thrown me off, but I guess in a good way? I’ll be back later in the week to share our photos!








2 Responses to “This and That”
  1. Ohhhhh I can’t wait to see the laundry room!!! Also, loving your Halloween costume!

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