Antique Store Goodies

I wanted to share some pictures today of some things I came across yesterday while browsing a lovely antique mall. It’s the same place that I got my chair I made over for my master bedroom and there are always so many fun and beautiful things there. I love when other bloggers post about thrift and antique store finds, so if it’s not your jam than feel free to skip this post. But I really think you should read it because it’s fun to see what neat stuff is out there, right? :)

I will also preface this post by saying that most of this stuff is definitely out of my budget, so I may mention that a few times. Please don’t judge me for how cheap I am haha I think once we have a house and I’m working on decorating and furnishing it, I may be a bit more likely to invest a bit more in quality stuff, but for now I am about as cheap as they come! Antique store shopping is wonderful because most of the booths are well curated and set up and the stuff is in good condition and good quality. However, that comes at a price. That’s why I do still love thrift store shopping, because I love getting a good deal on something and then putting the work in to make it beautiful.

Anyhow, on to the pictures!

1I had to include a picture of this mirror because I have the exact same one hanging in my living room. I posted about it here, and I gave mine a coat of white paint to fit our decor better. It was $40 and I’m pretty sure my mom only paid $10 for mine :)

2I really loved this lamp. It was $25, which I would totally pay if I needed a cool lamp for somewhere. I would put a more modern drum shade on it, probably white and call it a day!

3I have a thing for globes and I really want one. This one was $16, which actually isn’t too bad I don’t think. Maybe if I have a little extra money this month I’ll go back and see if it’s still there. I don’t really need it at the moment, but I want to set up a library space when we get a house and I think this would be a great addition. I love that it’s smaller, vintage looking and the colours are more muted. I’m convincing myself more and more that I need to go back for this :)

4I thought this sunburst clock was fantastic. Mostly everything in this booth was very mid century modern, which I really like. At $45 it wasn’t exactly a steal, but it’s definitely pretty.

5I think that green lamp is awesome. I would paint the wood parts white and add a white drum shade. It was $60, so not something I felt compelled to buy lol but I thought it was very pretty.

12Call me crazy, but I thought this lamp was so cool. I don’t think it’s something I would ever have in my own home, but in the right house I think it would be amazing. It was quite pricey, I think around $300? Definitely a statement piece though.

11I loved this demijohn bottle. It was HUGE, you can’t really tell in this picture. It was expensive, I think $100, but if you had the budget it would be a fantastic accessory for your home.

9This lamp. Oh, this lamp. I fell in love with it immediately, it even had a new modern shade on it. It was $125 though, so definitely not happening. Isn’t it amazing though? Sigh….

8These brass deer were quite pretty. It was heavy, definitely real brass, so it had a price tag of $40. I thought they would be really pretty as Christmas decoration.

6Loved this owl pottery sculpture. It looked like Blue Mountain Pottery, which I’ve stated before that I love, but it didn’t have any markings on the bottom which led me to believe it was a BMP look-a-like.

13This guy had me at hello. It was quite heavy, so obviously some type of marble or stone. I can’t remember how much it was, but it wasn’t cheap. I think it would look so pretty styled into bookshelves. Maybe in that future library of mine…..

10This vintage suitcase caught my eye because I’m thinking I want to use one for our card box at the wedding. At $50 it wasn’t going to come home with me, but I’m definitely going to keep my eye out at the thrift stores for something similar.

14How gorgeous is this caned rocking chair? It was $100, which I would definitely fork over if I were decorating a nursery and needed one. It was in great condition, so I think I would actually just clean it up and put a pretty pillow on it. You could paint it if the wood didn’t match your decor, but for this piece I think painting it would actually be sad and take away from how lovely it is.




17All of those paperweights caught my eye. The brass apple was decently priced, as were the glass and brass apple and pear. The pink marble apple was more than what I’d probably pay for a “trinket”, but the tag said it was marble and it really was beautiful. I think any of the apples would make a great gift for a teacher :)

7How cute is this guy? I wouldn’t spend $22 on it, but I actually saw another one exactly like it in another booth that was $14. I think this would look really pretty on top of a stack of books on a coffee table or desk.

18I thought this vanity mirror was so pretty. At $38 it definitely isn’t outrageous, and it would be really lovely all shined up. Or maybe some Rub n’ Buff would help? It would look beautiful on a bathroom counter or a vanity dresser.

19Loved this little retro fan. Even if it didn’t work anymore it would make a nice styling prop.

20Ok, this I just had to include because it made me laugh. I love cats, but oh my goodness. This is creepy. It was only $9.50, so it would maybe be funny as a joke gift for someone, but then that may rob some sweet little old lady out of actually enjoying this beastly pillow.

So after all of that browsing, what actually came home with me?

21These two wooden deer sculptures. I’m planning on using them as Christmas decor. They were only $4 each, so I doubt they’re very old. I may leave them as is because the wood is actually really pretty, but I also think they would look amazing in a glossy white with gold antlers.

There was a lot more great stuff there but in order for this post to not be ridiculously long (is it already??) I had to stop somewhere. I hope you enjoyed coming along on my little browsing trip. I’m planning on making some pumpkin pie tarts this week so if they turn out I’ll be sure to share that!




















6 Responses to “Antique Store Goodies”
  1. Love the first lamp and the grass deer. Fingers crossed the piece you hope to buy is still there for you.

  2. You definitely did the right thing choosing to take those deer home! They look incredibly as they are I think. Some fantastic finds though.

    • Steph says:

      I definitely love the deer just the way they are. I think I’ll leave them for a bit once I decorate for Christmas and then see how I feel. There really was so much good stuff there!!

  3. Oh my gosh the golden apple, the globe, the mirror, that brass sphere lamp! LOOOOVE them all! I am with you on being cheap though… the thrill of finding a gem at a thrift store is no comparison to seeing the curated (sometimes overpriced) things at antique stores. Both have their good and bad sides, as you know! Great finds though, seriously. You have a great eye!

    • Steph says:

      There really was so much great stuff there! I’ll still always love the thrill of the hunt at a thrift store but sometimes it’s nice to splurge a little on the fancy stuff :)

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