Kitchen Backsplash Update

Hey there! How is everyone? Is it hot as heck where you live? My city is experiencing a pretty intense heatwave right now so I’ve been keeping my projects small to avoid having to go outside. I picked up a desk from the thrift store last week and I really want to get started on making it over, but I need to take it outside to sand it down and it is WAY too hot to be doing that. Apparently yesterday the only place on Earth with hotter temperatures than here was the Sahara Desert!! We even beat out places like India, Afghanistan and Cuba. Crazy! I don’t want to complain too much though, because it feels like summer took forever to get here, and I know it will be over way too soon. Although I do love a beautiful, crisp fall day….but no one wants to talk about that yet!

So for anyone who has been following since last summer, you may remember when I painted our kitchen backsplash with a chevron pattern to liven it up a bit.

People really liked it, it got several comments and was one of the featured posts on Serenity Now‘s Weekend Bloggy Reading link party. I was SOOO happy with it at the time, it was so much better than the plain boring wall we had. Since we rent, I wasn’t going to invest in tiling that area so something involving paint seemed like a great solution. It took several back breaking hours of work to paint it, so I thought for sure it would stay until we moved.

Fast forward about 6-8 months and I started to get “the itch”. The chevron was NOT doing it for me anymore. It was feeling too chaotic and too young for my ever changing tastes. All of the blog and design magazine reading that I do gives me so much inspiration, but that also means my tastes have changed rapidly in the last year or so which means that I’m constantly wanting to change things that feel like they were just done yesterday. However, all of this home decorating stuff is what gets me excited and makes me happy so I guess I should just roll with it!

After the itch to change up the backsplash took hold, I was trying to think of what I could do there. There was this idea, or this one. Both great solutions for my budget and for a renter, but then one day I happened upon some textured, paintable wallpaper that looked like old tin tiles. SOLD!

I loved the vintage look of it, and I knew that I could use a semi-gloss paint on it to give it more durability since it would be in the kitchen. It was $25 for a double roll, so I have plenty left over for any future projects.

Now, I’m not going to give any great tips for preparing your wall for wallpaper or putting wallpaper up because I kind of just went with it as I went along. I did prime the wall, since I read that you should do that to make the wallpaper easier to remove in the future. I just used regular primer, but I think there are specific wallpaper primers out there. I’m hoping that whoever lives here next finds this charming and leaves it up and won’t have to deal with a potential mess of removing it. As far as putting it up, my advice is to go slowly. It can be a real pain to cut out around outlets and lining stuff up is just a joke. Mine is so not lined up perfectly, but you only notice if you’re up close and really looking at it. It was also quite messy since it had to be soaked for 30 seconds, then laid paste side to paste side for 5 minutes to let the glue activate. I found when I was then putting it on the wall, there was a lot of runny glue coming down the walls, but if you just wipe everything down with a damp cloth or paper towel you should be fine. Just make sure to check for glue seepage around your seams. I’m also not positive on the rules of using wallpaper in a rental, so maybe check with your landlord first. Our landlords are my parents, so they tend to be pretty easy going about the stuff I do :)

So after I let it sit for 24 hours per the instructions that came with the wallpaper, I was able to paint. I got Behr’s Country Mist in a semi-gloss finish.

It’s one shade lighter than Tide Pools, which I got for the laundry room makeover, and my hope was that it would be a nice light sort of minty colour. We already have dark grey walls and a dark teal accent wall in the dining area of the kitchen, so I didn’t want too many crazy colours going on. It came out way lighter than I had expected, but in hindsight that’s probably good so that there isn’t too much happening in there.

After painting, it looked so pretty but still bare on the wall right above the sink. I searched “free kitchen printables” on Pinterest and came across some pretty vintage teapots via The Graphics Fairy. I used these ones, this one and this one. I printed out the images onto white card stock, grabbed 4 frames from the dollar store that I painted yellow and I had some pretty kitchen art!! Ready to see what our kitchen looks like now?

I apologize for the lighting in these pictures. We have one small-ish window in the kitchen so the light is kind of off and I don’t yet have a big girl camera so I did the best I could :)


(That bread box is crying out for a makeover and will be getting one soon!)




I love it SO much!! It has a sweet vintage vibe to it, but I think the happy yellow frames keep it looking more modern. The pattern on the wallpaper gives it interest, but the light paint colour keeps it from being too in your face like the chevron was. It’s lighter and brighter and cleaner looking and I’m so happy with it :) Ryan commented a couple of times that he really liked it too, so I’m always happy to hear that. I’m also a bit of a tea addict, so the teapots are actually quite reflective of the tastes in our home.

So just for fun, how about a comparison of the old chevron wall with the new “vintage tin tile” wall?

beforeandafterSoooo much easier on the eyes! I’m glad that I finally tackled this project, and I’m sure that it won’t change again before we move :)


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