Master Bedroom Update: The Reveal

First up, you may have noticed that I changed the look of the blog again. I’m trying to find something that I’m happy with, so you may see it continue to be tweaked for the next little bit.

Secondly, I’m finally ready to show you guys the “finished” state of our bedroom update. It’s not 100% finished, but it’s good enough to share. The way that I go from one project to the next, if I waited until every little thing was done I wouldn’t be sharing it for a while probably.

First up, some before pictures. Afters are always so much more fun when you see the befores first.

Here’s a picture of what our room looked like before we painted, replaced the carpet and moved in:

So. Gross.

Then it looked like this up until March when I decided to change things up:

It wasn’t terrible, but I was bored with it and it was looking pretty plain. I love the purple, but it was feeling too dark and heavy to me. I didn’t want to repaint the whole room, and we already had purple and black accessories going on and I didn’t want to start all over with everything, so I decided to add white into the room to lighten it up as well as some pink and orange to beef up the colour scheme.

I shared a few of the projects along the way like my chair makeover, changing the curtains a bit and some other updates, some butterfly shadowbox art and my DIY picture ledges (tutorial coming soon, I promise!) and over the weekend I picked up a few more things from Ikea to finish off the room. I LOVE how our room looks now, so even though the colours aren’t what I’ll repeat when we buy a house, I’m going to love this room so hard for the next year or so :)

So here are lots of pictures of how the room is looking now!



I need to just interject at this picture of the bed made up all pretty with a funny, real-life convo that happened in our house today.

Ryan: I love when you make the bed.

Me: (laughing a little) Really?

Ryan: Yeah. It makes me feel nice when I walk in and the bed looks pretty. Then I can lay on it and mess it up (laughing because he thinks he’s funny).

Ladies, I’m sure you can relate to this. Life with men, right? ;)3Still a few empty frames on the ledges, but I’m getting there. I also still need to touch up some places on the purple wall, so ignore any little spots please :)



I found the trellis pattern pillows at Winners for $30 for the pair. It was an amazing price for the size and quality of them and the colours were perfect. I also recovered the headboard with fabric that I got at Ikea. The colours were great for this room, and it was on sale for $4.99/meter. Can’t beat that! I also gave my thrift store mirror a glossy black makeover and I love how it turned out! The combination of the patterns on the headboard and pillows may be a bit cray cray for some people, but I like it. That’s all that really matters when it comes to decorating your home, right?

7I think the headboard fabric is pretty neat. It’s like a graphic botanical/floral print. I got some extra so I may make some pillows with it eventually.

6Glossy black spray paint was like a little black dress for this mirror. I love how it looks now.

8I’m loving the reading corner now. I picked up the faux sheepskin from Ikea and threw it over the chair because I wasn’t sure where I wanted to use it, but I actually really like how it looks here. It will stay for now. Just a little tip to make the faux sheepskin look better: comb it! The real one looks so plush and pretty, but it was about four times the price. I just combed out the fake one when I got it home and it made a huge difference! And I’ll say this again, please excuse the lack of baseboard trim. I told my parents they could wait to replace it until after we move out so it’s easier. It really doesn’t bother me in everyday life, but it doesn’t look so pretty in pictures lol

9The table was a hand me down from my mom. It was a dark brown laminate number before, totally 80s. I put on two coats of primer since it was laminate and I wanted to be sure the paint stuck. Then I gave it two coats of leftover light grey paint that we used on the walls throughout most of the house. Then I just painted the edges and the little ball in the middle with a metallic pink craft paint. I love that it adds a pop of colour without being overwhelming. The vintage style alarm clock was another Ikea grab.


I created some printable word art using Picmonkey to fill in one of the frames on the ledges. I used lyrics from a Zac Brown Band song that I love and I think it turned out really cute.

12 11I picked up a five pack of these floral art cards at Ikea and just used white cardstock behind them. They add some colour and prettiness to the picture ledges.

14I also added a ribbon detail to the black lamps that sit on our nightstands. It was a small change, but it just dresses up the plain lamps a bit.

So that’s the completed update of our bedroom! I love how everything turned out, and now I can move on to other projects. Next up will involve my new sander that I got for my birthday! Can’t wait to try it out :)

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12 Responses to “Master Bedroom Update: The Reveal”
  1. redagapeblog says:

    Looks great!! what a transformation. I love the ikea flower cards. :) Looking forward to seeing what you use your new sander on!

    • Steph says:

      Thanks! Aren’t those cards cute? Cheap and pretty, my kind of art! haha I’m hoping to start on the “sander project” soon! It’s been a bit rainy here so I need a nice day when I can get outside!

  2. Morgan says:

    Everything looks so great! I really love how you expanded your color scheme, the pops of brighter colors really play off of the purple wall nicely. So fun!

    • Steph says:

      Thanks Morgan! I definitely think adding in those other couple of colours helped to make the room look more layered. I’m really loving how it turned out!

  3. Sarah says:

    Yay! Your room looks great! I love the Ikea fabric on the headboard – the colors are just perfect. The mirror of your bed turned out great too! I’m so jealous of that fab find of yours. Love the little pops of pink and orange too. So fun. I’ve started adding a bit of orange to our green and teal bedroom and I like how it plays off the cool colors.

    • Steph says:

      Thanks Sarah!! I really love that mirror too, definitely one of my best thrifty finds ever! It’s funny how adding in little touches of one or two more colours to an existing room can make such a difference. Who knew orange was so versatile? Haha

  4. I love how your room looks now! All the separate areas look great, that reading nook looks so comfy.

  5. Beautiful! I can’t believe how much fresher and brighter it looks without even painting it. Well done!

  6. cassie says:

    it looks AMAZING! i love the pops of pink and orange that make it more playful!

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