DIY Picture Ledges {The Reveal}

I’m so excited to share my DIY picture ledges with you guys! I feel like it’s made such a difference in the look and feel of our bedroom. It’s totally brightened up the dark purple wall and it will be a place to display beautiful and meaningful pictures and art. Please disregard all of the empty frames, I was impatient to share it and didn’t want to wait until I had filled all of the frames :)

This first picture is the view from standing in the doorway of the bedroom, so this is what you first see when walking into the room:


Then from standing in the doorway of the closet:

2My initial plan was to run the 2 picture ledges straight across the wall, but then Ryan suggested staggering them and when I saw it both ways I liked it better staggered. For some reason I feel like it fills out the wall a bit better this way.

3This corner will be getting a few more additions in the next few weeks. My mom has a little side table for me to redo that she’s bringing me this weekend and we’re hitting up IKEA in a few weeks when we go out of town for a wedding, so I’ll be getting a few more things then like a tall reading lamp and maybe some colourful accessories for the table.

4You can see a few of the scuff marks on the wall from this angle, and those will be getting fixed shortly as well. I’m really hoping that I’m able to get this colour in a test size since we don’t have any of it left. I may have dropped the paint can on the front porch the day we were painting and spilled a third of the paint from the can which meant there was just enough to cover the wall. Here’s hoping it’s possible! lol

As for the frames we have, they’re all either thrift store frames that have been sprayed black or white or they were frames and pictures that I already had. I also painted the matting an orangey-pink colour on a few of them to add some more pops of colour to the room.


I found this Degas print at a thirft store for $5. It’s admittedly a bit more sexy than anything I would normally buy, but since I knew I wanted to put it in the bedroom I decided it was ok. I think it’s beautiful, and Ryan actually liked it too!

6I’m sure we’ve all seen versions of this floating around on Pinterest, and I decided that I wanted one too. It was so easy it’s ridiculous and not worth a separate post. I simply looked up maps of both of our hometowns and our current city and printed them out (I found the best versions on the Ministry of Transportation website for our province, so I’m sure other provinces and states would have something similar). I looked up images of male and female symbols (weirdly enough, looking up washroom symbols provided the best images haha) and printed those out. I traced them over our hometowns and cut them out. Then I cut out a heart template and traced it over our current city and cut it out. I glued them all down onto some construction paper and stuck it in a frame! Ryan also really liked this idea too, so another bonus there since it is his bedroom also :) I also just noticed that him and I both come from areas near large bodies of water and our current city is completely dry looking haha sort of sad. I do sometimes miss being so close to the water, but that’s probably part of the reason why going home for visits now is so wonderful to me.

7I absolutely adore this photo from my grandparent’s wedding day. Isn’t my grandma’s dress stunning? I love the style from the 50’s, so classic and beautiful. My mom had given this photo to me at Christmas a few years ago and I never had a good spot to display it, so I’m really happy that it can now sit out. The frame she put it in was originally a dark brown colour, so I just primed it and sprayed it white to update it. My mom had also trimmed the photo out with pretty white and silver ribbon and I left that on. Yes, I get my craftiness from my mom :)

8My mom gave me this picture this past Christmas. She’s sentimental like me, can you tell? I was probably about 10 in this picture, feeding one of my cousins at a family get together (Christmas I believe). It’s such a sweet picture, and I love that my mom framed it for me. I’ve definitely always had that nurturing instinct, even as a little girl apparently.

9This frame was another thrift store find, I got it the same day I got the Degas print. It was only a few dollars and originally had an Anne Geddes photo of two babies in a sink with old fashioned shower caps on. So 90’s, but I saw so much potential in that huge frame with matting. I just sprayed the frame white and used some black craft paint on the cream coloured matting. The cut out at the bottom was for the spot on the picture where it said Anne Geddes, so my plan is to put a wedding photo in here next year and put the date in the cut out. For now it’s just going to display the pretty orange and pink wrapping paper (which actually inspired me to add more colours to the room and began this whole room update!)

10Another little update that I’ve added since my last post on the bedroom (way back in April!) was making a new pillow cover for the pillow on the chair. It’s much brighter than the dark grey one I had on there and it incorporates more of the colour I’m trying to add to the room.

11And one last little addition I wanted to share was this framed brooch. It was my grandma’s (the same one from the wedding photo) and it was one of a few pieces of jewellery that I got after she passed away. As far as I know it’s not real diamonds, but it’s in great condition and it’s beautiful. I’m going to incorporate it into my wedding bouquet to add a little bling and it can be my something old. I wanted to show it off though, so I stuck some of the leftover pink scarf that I used on the inside of the ceiling shade to the back and just pinned the brooch on. It’s sometimes the simplest details that make me happy.

I’m planning on putting together a tutorial for the ledges, so look out for that. It was really quite easy, and I’ll do my best to put together a list what it cost to build them. Until then, here’s that list of mine with what’s been completed in this room and what is still to come!

  • move bed off of purple wall to make room for “reading corner”
  • redo chair for corner
  • get tall reading lamp for corner
  • find and redo side table for corner
  • add some definition to white headboard so that it stands out more from light coloured wall (either recover it or add nail head detail around edges)
  • add some colour to the inside of the ceiling shade
  • rehang the curtains (go high and wide instead of right on top of the window trim)
  • add sheer curtains to the windows (this idea is what I’m thinking)
  • patch and paint holes in purple wall
  • possibly add stencil to purple wall
  • add picture ledges to purple wall
  • frame pictures/prints for picture ledges (half crossed out because there are lots of empty frames to fill!)
  • colourful accent pillows for bed
  • new pillow cover for chair pillow
  • recover headboard with a darker/patterned fabric

The rest of this list should be completed by the beginning of July, so I’ll do one final post on the completed room then! Next on my to-do list is tackling the laundry room and basement bathroom….wish me luck on that!

10 Responses to “DIY Picture Ledges {The Reveal}”
  1. redagapeblog says:

    The ledges look great against the deep purple wall and I love that you used secondhand frames. I love your grandparents photo too, but my fav thing is the brooch in the frame. I’m totally going to pinch this idea as I have a couple of my Nan’s old brooches that are must sitting in a drawer. They really should be on display. Aren’t old brooches gorgeous! )

    • Steph says:

      Thanks! I do really love how all of the white pops against that dark wall. I’m so a second hand frame convert! I probably only spent about $30-$35 for all of the frames plus $5 for a can of spray paint. The huge frame on the end would probably have cost $30 alone to buy new! Also, the brooch idea I saw on Pinterest so pinch away! haha love your British terminology :)

  2. Sarah says:

    Love the ledges! I like that you staggered them – it definitely adds some interest. I like the addition of the pops of pink – it looks great against the purple.

  3. First, I love, love, Love the color of your bedroom. So pretty. It really makes a statement. Those ledges are fabulous too. It’s a great way to use a big space like you have. You did a fabulous job. You must be so happy with your new space.

    • Steph says:

      Thank you so much! I am really happy with how the room is coming together. I do really love that colour of purple, but was feeling like it was a bit too dark. The white shelves and frames have really helped to brighten everything up!

  4. cassie says:

    wow, steph! the ledges look amazing and i am loving that color!

    • Steph says:

      Thanks Cassie! I’m so happy with how the ledges turned out. And isn’t that such a great purple? I’m definitely wanting light and airy for our next bedroom, but I think I’ll definitely try to find somewhere to use this colour in a future home!

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