Front Gardens: Before and After

I finally took some pictures of the front gardens to share with you guys! I was going to do it earlier this week but it was raining off and on this week so I waited until we had some sun.

Let’s just jump right into the pictures, shall we?

There’s a large bed to the left of the front door and a smaller corner bed to the right. I forgot to take pictures until after I had started attacking the grass and weeds, so just imagine the bare spot there being filled with the same stuff as the rest of the bed.

before1I had already pulled everything out of the corner bed.

before2So after several very hot and sweaty hours, Ryan and I had whipped these gardens into shape! These after pictures were taken just over a week after we finished the gardens.

after2I left all of those grassy looking plants along the wall. They’re actually orange tiger lilies so they’ll have flowers a bit later in the summer.

after3All of those light coloured pieces are grapefruit and lemon zest…we had a little neighbourhood kitty who had decided that the new mulch was a great litter box. Grrr. I found something online that said that cats are repelled by the cent of citrus, and it’s been working so far! Doesn’t look as pretty as it did the first day, but it’s better than cleaning cat poo out of the garden all summer! Also, speaking of mulch, we put down layers of newspaper under the mulch to try and stop the weeds and grass from poking through. It’s working ok so far, but I did notice some spots today where the crazy strong grass has gotten through :( I think it’s definitely a lot better than using just mulch, but I don’t know if it works as well as I had read online.

Most of the plants are perennials in here. They were $2 a piece at Walmart, so that price couldn’t be beat, and I figured it makes more sense to plant stuff that will keep coming back each year. We’ll most likely only be here one more summer after this one, but it will make things easier next year I think. I’m hoping the plants will fill out more over the summer, they’re a bit puny right now. There’s definitely stuff happening with them though!

after4I believe this one will have a tall, kind of fluffy purple flower on it. I can’t exactly remember what each of them are.

after5The lilies all have several flower buds on them.


These little beauties were already growing on the far left of the garden so I left them there. I don’t know what they are, but they’re pretty :)


We planted a few annuals along the front for some instant colour, and these were just yellow when I bought them so I was surprised to see this stripey guy pop out.


This is the after of the corner garden. Two of those large rocks were originally in the larger bed, but it didn’t make sense to have them just randomly sitting in there so I made a little grouping of them over here.

after9I absolutely LOVE this peony bush. It’s been here since my parents bought this unit, which was about 5 years ago, so my thanks go to whoever planted this several years ago! Last year I didn’t touch the front gardens and the peony bush flopped over after the flowers bloomed, so this year I put in some stakes and twine as well as a metal tomato cage type thing in the middle in hopes of keeping it upright. Several of these are ready to pop in the next few days, so I’ll know then if my efforts will work!

after8This clematis was also an existing plant in this garden, and last year it just trailed around on the ground and was very sad looking. I rigged up a trellis using a dollar store expandable trellis and some white raffia to tie it to some nails that were already in the brick. It’s growing like crazy so I can’t wait until it blooms!

And just for some comparison, here are some side by side before and afters of each side.


cornergardenLook at how much that clematis has filled in in just about 10 days! I really hope everything else starts filling out soon.

I also added some solar garden lights along the stone edge to add some prettiness at night.


So that’s the before and after of the front garden! It really does look so much better in person, and it’s a lot nicer to look at when I come home than the crazy grass and weeds were. Is anyone else working on taming wild gardens?

12 Responses to “Front Gardens: Before and After”
  1. Your gardens look wonderful! I need to do some outdoor work. seems overwhelming at the moment though.

    I do have a before & after on my blog today too. It’s my hallway…I painted and created a gallery wall. I’m pretty much in love with it. So glad I took on that project.


    • Steph says:

      Thanks! I totally get that overwhelming feeling, that was how I felt before we just dove in and got those gardens done. You always feel so much better after it’s finished!
      Your hallway looks so nice and cheerful now! Great place to add a little pop of colour :)

  2. Sarah says:

    Nice updates! I like combining annuals and perennials in the garden – less to buy next year! I love the addition of solar lights – we’ve never lived in a place where we get enough sun during the day to actually charge the solar lights. Maybe in our next house …

    • Steph says:

      Thanks! I’m not sure how much they’ll all fill out this year since I think perennials usually take a couple of years to really start doing something. It looks SO much better than before though! I am really glad that we get so much sun at the front and I was able to put those lights in there. They look so pretty at night :)

      • Sarah says:

        It takes time, but it looks good while they’re growing too. Have your peonies opened up yet?

      • Steph says:

        They finally started opening the last couple of days! I already brought some inside, I want to enjoy them as long as they last!

  3. redesigned says:

    So exciting to have a new garden! I’ll be working on mine tomorrow…. we need it way more than you did, let me tell you! ~M.

  4. redagapeblog says:

    I love before and afters! we recently redid our front garden. It’s exhausting work, but well worth the effort. Yours looks great!

  5. Your flower beds are beautiful!!

    All your hard work has paid off! Now enjoy them!!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

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