Wedding Inspiration: The Invitations

The Mr. and I really whipped the front gardens into shape on Monday, however the one little side garden still needs mulch on it so there are no pictures to share yet. I’m going to try and get that done tomorrow morning so then I can look like a crazy person taking pictures of my gardens where all of my neighbours can see me :)

Since I don’t have a project related post to share, I thought that I would share a little bit of wedding inspiration. I’ve been collecting ideas for the invitations and have found some really neat options. Luckily for us, my mom has a friend who is a graphic designer who is very generously designing the invitations for us so I get to show her what I’m thinking and let her be creative with it!

So, as I’ve previously mentioned, we’re doing a rustic (yet elegant) theme so I found some invitation ideas that I think fit that pretty well.

I like that this one looks like burlap but has the lacy looking border down the side to pretty it up. I also like the modern layout of this invitation.

Via Pinterest – link did not work when I clicked over :(

I really like the faux woodgrain look on this one and the stitched border is pretty neat (although that would be pretty labour intensive I’m sure haha). I also like how the fancier font contrasts against the more rustic look of the background.

This one is pretty neat, and I like the modern layout of it as well. Can you tell that our invitations probably won’t be the most traditional? :)

This was one of the first ones that I really liked. I think the initials carved into the tree is a sweet touch and I like the more laid back font as well.

I actually really like this one. I think it would be fun to have a pretty patterned background in our colours, although I’m not sure how well this would fit with our theme. Maybe a more nature inspired pattern?

I really like the look of these postcard thank you cards, so that may be an option.

I’d love to use envelopes in this rustic brown paper as well. I do like the look of the coloured raffia twine too, but I’ve also seen lace trim wrapped around the brown paper and that looks really pretty too. And those stamps are amazing!

I already have an idea in mind for our save the dates as well which will happen when we get our engagement photos done in October, so I’m not going to share that since I want to keep it a surprise for our guests. I’ll definitely share after they’ve been sent out though!

So that’s where my thoughts are heading as far as invitations go! Anyone have any favourites?


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