Patio Before and After

I was finally able to plant some flowers for our back patio, so I am now ready to fully share what I’ve done out there!

My goal for the patio was basically to clean it up and add some colour to make it a space that we’ll actually want to use this summer. I’m really going to do my best to stay on top of the weeds and make sure the flowers get watered so that they stay alive. I didn’t spend a lot of money out there, so it isn’t anything earth shattering, but now it’s a colourful and comfortable space where we can relax and entertain friends and family.

First up, some before pictures…because the afters just aren’t as much fun without seeing where it all started! (Warning: picture overload ahead!)


There were the old pots and pillows from last year hanging around…


The little side garden that I covered with rocks last year had a lot of weeds poking up…


There were bags of yard waste from last year that I hadn’t gotten around to getting rid of. A word of advice: don’t bother using those compostable plastic yard bags. They weren’t very strong and started ripping when they weren’t very full, which was the main reason I didn’t end up getting rid of them haha

before2One more picture of the sad, sad state of the patio.

So, I pulled up as many of the weeds as I could and tried to add lots of colourful touches. I just wanted it to feel happy and summery. Here are the afters of how the patio is looking now!


I got a plain wooden shoe rack and stained it to use as a stand for the flower pots. It’s not the sturdiest thing, but it’s doing the trick so I’m ok with it. It’s up against the fence so it’s not in the way so I’m not really worried about it being knocked over or anything.


I added some interest to my pots from last year using spray paint. I love the purple on the two smaller pots, and the larger pots were sort of a fail that I tried to save lol my plan was to sort of colour block them using white spray paint, but it didn’t go on very well. So, I got out some sandpaper and roughed them up a bit to try and make it look like they were aged and that it was intentional :)


This little side garden gets no sun, so I knew that I wanted to put hostas in there. I’ve planted them before and they’re such an easy plant to maintain, you really don’t have to do anything with them! They’re a perennial, so they’ll keep coming back and get fuller each year. I decided to put two different kinds in to make it a bit more interesting looking and I love how tropical the larger one in the middle looks. In the back corner I spray painted a $5 metal waste bin and turned it upside down to put a planter on. I’m not in love with it, but it was certainly financially friendly :)


I love the mix of the red stems with the green leaves.


The lantern holders are from last year and I remember that they came from the dollar store. I like the blue colour on them and because they already look worn, I won’t worry about them getting roughed up. The lantern tea light holders I’ve had forever, like probably 10 years or something, and they’ve just been something I’ve held onto. I don’t remember where they came from, but I’m glad that they’ve stayed in my hoard this whole time.after7

These pretty little candle holders were another dollar store find and I absolutely love them. The colours are really vibrant and I love the design on them. The table is kind of awkward to decorate since the umbrella comes right up the middle, so I thought that grouping the candle holders around the umbrella pole was a good way of adding some colour to the table.


The outdoor rug came from JYSK and I love the pop of colour that it adds. I had planned on making a rug out of dropcloth and paint, but when I found this I decided it would work better. It’s made of a plastic kind of material, so it rinses clean really easily. It was super cheap, only $30, so I’m not expecting it to last past next summer but it seemed like a low cost way to add some colour to the boring cement pavers.


These chairs are on loan from my sister and her fiance since they don’t have a balcony at their current apartment. I like that they provide some extra seating out here, and I jazzed them up with those beautiful pillows that came from Walmart for $10 each. The little table is what I had the corner planter sitting on last year, but I decided that it would work better as a little side table for drinks. The pretty little pink lantern is from the dollar store (what CAN’T you get there??). I still want to figure out a way to make the gas meter less of an eye sore. Last year someone suggested that I plant a climbing vine at the base of it and that would eventually disguise it somewhat. I think that would be an ok option because it wouldn’t be permanent and I could keep an eye on it and make sure that it was still readable for the gas company people.


I LOVE how vibrant and fun these pillows are!! I did absolutely no retouching on this photo, that’s really how they look out there :)after12

This guy was a gift I got in a gift exchange last summer when Ryan’s mom did a Christmas in July party. I really love it and I’m glad that it’s something that can be taken down and come to live with us in a future home. It definitely adds a little something to an otherwise very plain stretch of fence.

And one last picture that I want to share is absolutely terrible because it had to be dark for me to take it, but I think it’s really fun so horrible picture be darned! I’m including it :)

after14It’s kind of hard to tell what it is lol but I found some clip on, battery operated string lights at (can you guess??) the dollar store! and put them in the spokes of the umbrella. They’re really pretty at night with all of the candles out there lit too :)

So there’s my patio makeover! I really love how it looks and I’ve been spending time out there when I can. It’s very bright and cheerful and I think that’s exactly how an outdoor space should feel. Next on my list of outdoor projects is to tackle our front garden beds. They’re in need of some serious help, and since it’s what people see when they first come to our house I really do want to get them cleaned up. I’m hoping to get to that on Sunday since I’m off work all day and it’s supposed to be beautiful here. Wish me luck on taming the weeds! If you follow me on Instagram I will for sure be sharing the progress there as I go along :)


8 Responses to “Patio Before and After”
  1. I love your little makeover! Great pops of color! You could also find a similar fabric to your pillows and modge podge fabric to your pots if you get more. As for the gas meter…maybe one of those room dividers spray painted a fun color?! (I’ve seen lots of tutorials to make them with three chunks of wood and hinges) Have a great weekend!

    • Steph says:

      Thanks for the great ideas! I definitely need to come up with a solution for that gas meter and I like your idea. It could become a sort of focal point instead of an eyesore. I’ll be sure to share whatever I end up doing :)

  2. Ok… I have so much to say about this, I don’t know where to start! So I decided to check out your blog after seeing your comment on my dip-dyed pillows, and boy, am I ever glad! As I read your post, the following thought process happened:
    1. I love that colourful outdoor rug… I wonder where she got it and if it’s available in Canada.. hmmm I could use one of those.
    2. OMG… she got it at JYSK? And for how much? (This is when I promptly googled Jysk, found said rug on their site and confirmed my suspicion that they are a Canadian company.)
    3. I have got to tell this girl how amazing this transformation is, and how much I love that rug!
    At this time I went to your about page, and you mention several times being from Southwestern Ontario – hello, we’re like neighbours or something! (Not really, but the fact that we’re both Ontarians puts us much closer than like 90% of the bloggers I know of out there. I’m in the GTA.) So needless to say, I was excited to hear of your Canadian-ness and to have one more blog I can follow and love. :)

    • Steph says:

      Oh my goodness, best comment ever! You totally just made my day :)
      I am indeed a Southwestern Ontario gal. I live about 2 hours southwest of Toronto so we are pretty much neighbours! I also love when I come across other Canadian bloggers because there don’t seem to be many of us!
      Thank you SO much for your sweet comments on the patio makeover :) I really love how it all came together and I’m glad that other people like it too.
      I’m sure there’s a JYSK near you! I actually was just talking to my cousin the other week who lives in Toronto and was telling her about JYSK and she hadn’t heard of it but I’m sure there’s one somewhere around there. It’s super cheap (so also not the greatest quality always haha) but if you’re looking for fun accents on a budget it’s a great place to check out.
      Thanks again for the great comment! :)

  3. Great before and after! Your patio looks great!!

  4. redagapeblog says:

    Brilliant before and after. I love the bright cushions and the outdoor mat!! oh, and the candle holders!! You must feel like you’ve added an extra room to your home. :)

    • Steph says:

      Thank you!! I’m a bit obsessed with the pillows haha and really all of the colourful accents. It definitely feels like an extra room that we can use for the next few months :)

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