DIY Beachy Serving Tray (and what I gave the moms!)

I’ve been waiting for days to do this post because the weather here in Southern Ontario has been less than desirable for taking pictures outside since probably Saturday. Happily, the sun and warmth is back today! So I’m finally able to share the beachy little serving tray that I made :)

tray1Would you believe that this is made from a dollar store cutting board and some kindling? Yep.

tray2I used the glass cutting board as a base and then used the Goop to glue the kindling onto the cutting board. I lucked out and the pieces of kindling were just a bit bigger than the cutting board, so I didn’t have to cut anything (which was great because we don’t have a power saw so I don’t want to think about how awful cutting all of those pieces with a hand saw would have been!)

I went through the bag and picked out the pieces that were the right length and shape and then just put a squiggle of Goop on one side and then pressed it onto the cutting board until the whole bottom was covered.


I wanted sides on it to keep any glasses or snacks from sliding off, so I just layered the kindling around the edges to create sides. I did have to bust out a hand saw here to cut 2 little pieces to fill in gaps on the sides. Sadly, it didn’t look too pretty…

tray5My initial plan was to leave it all wood and paint the inside with a white wash and paint the outside a fun bright colour, but I just couldn’t leave it looking all jacked up like that haha

So I decided to hot glue some jute around the outside edges to cover up the not so pretty wood parts.

tray6I did like it like this, but I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted it to look, so I watered down some white paint to white wash the inside and then painted the jute a bright blue (Paradise Blue to be exact!). I just used craft paint for this since even though I plan on using it for outdoor entertaining, I don’t plan on leaving it outside. I found some pretty brass handles at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $1 each and attached those to the sides. I love how the handles look against that bright blue!

tray8I really love how this tray turned out! It’s bright and beachy and perfect for summer time outdoor entertaining.


tray9I really like the look of the wood on the inside, it’s almost a pickled wood finish.

tray10So that’s my cute little serving tray! I didn’t bother to seal it with anything since, as I mentioned, I don’t plan on leaving it outdoors. I know this wasn’t exactly the most thorough tutorial ever, so if anyone has any questions about it feel free to ask!

I also thought that I would share what I made for my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day since both gifts are now safely with their recipients.

For my mom, I drew a family tree for her that looks like a tree. I used her grandparent’s names as the roots, her parent’s names as the trunk and then her and her sister’s names as the main branches with their spouses underneath and all of their kids (and grandkids for one of my aunts) as the smaller branches. I love how it turned out, and my mom really liked it too.

familytreeMy plan was to hang it in my house to take some better pictures of it, but my parents stopped by yesterday on their way to Windsor so I gave it to her then. So, sorry for the not so great photo with my reflection in it :)

For my mother-in-law, I made a blanket. They put an addition onto their house last year, basically a sunroom, that they call “the cottage”. It’s very cozy and is surrounded by the nature of their back yard and I thought that it would be nice for her to have a lap blanket for out there on those mornings and evenings when it might be a bit chilly. I chose fabrics in blues and browns and plaid for that country cottage feel and basically made a quilt front and then used brown fleece as the backing instead of the traditional batting between the quilt front and fabric back.

blanket1It’s folded up here so it looks smaller, but it’s actually a nice size for one person.

blanket2The fleece backing will be so cozy for snuggling under.

blanket3I finished off the edges with a zig zig stitch to close up the hole I had to leave to turn it right side out after sewing the two pieces together and I also thought that it gave it a nice finished look. The cutting of the fabric was what took the longest, but overall it wasn’t that difficult to do. It isn’t perfect, quite a few of the corners of the squares don’t exactly meet up but for a first attempt at something like this I love how it turned out! I’ll definitely make blankets like this again as gifts for people. I won’t even bother writing a post on how I made this blanket because a lot of it was just me making it up as I went along haha if you’re interested in quilting, check out this series of tutorials that I found via Pinterest. She explains things really well, I just chose to modify things :) This series of tutorials also has great information for beginner quilters. Some day I will make a proper quilt!

My MIL sent me a picture of the blanket out in “the cottage” so I wanted to share it.

blanket4She loved it, so that’s all that I really cared about :)

I’m hoping to plant some flowers this weekend so I’ll hopefully be sharing our patio with you next week! I hope everyone has some sun today, wherever you are :)

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8 Responses to “DIY Beachy Serving Tray (and what I gave the moms!)”
  1. redagapeblog says:

    Oh! That quilt looks so lovely and soft. I love the neutral colours too.

    • Steph says:

      Thanks! I didn’t test it out or anything haha but I definitely think the fleece back will be super cozy! The fabrics on the front were nice soft cotton too :)

  2. April says:

    Wow, you went all out. I bet they felt really loved. It looks great!

    • Steph says:

      Thanks! I really wanted to put a lot into the gifts this year since they’ve done a lot for us the last little while with the wedding coming up next year and us moving in together last year. I just wanted to make sure they know how loved and appreciated they are :)

  3. Wow! That serving tray is just adorable!

    You are so talented. The tree and blanket are beautiful…such special gifts.

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us on Saturday Night Stars!

  4. Oohh I love love love this tray! I must make my own version of it for my patio! I envy your colorful patio because I went for a more neutral patio setting myself so maybe this tray could add a funky accent color.

    • Steph says:

      It was so easy to make! It’s a bit heavier than a serving tray should probably ideally be haha but it turned out so cute and adds such a great pop of colour to the table!

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