For the Moms

To my mother,

There’s really no way for me to tell you just how much I appreciate you and all of the things you do for me, but I can try. You have always been one of my biggest supporters, and I think a lot of that is because I’m so much like you so you understand me better than most people could. I love knowing that if I ever need someone to talk to, vent to, cry to or call just to chat you are always there. I can honestly say that I have nothing but good memories of you throughout my entire life, and I don’t think everyone is lucky enough to say that about their mom. You always knew just what to do to make me feel better when I was sick; you always threw the best birthday parties that always had a homemade cake; you always knew when I was making a mistake when it came to relationships, but you were smart enough to stay quiet about it until I figured it out for myself. The day I got engaged, you were the first person that I called so that I could happily scream into your ear that I was going to be someone’s wife, and I know that the day I have my first baby you’ll be by my side throughout the whole thing and won’t leave until I’m ready to do it on my own. You’re so much more than a mother to me now, you are my friend. I feel so blessed that I got to grow up with the most loving mother to guide me and teach me to be the person that I am today. I hope that some day I will be the kind of mother that you have always been. I love you and I hope that you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Love Steph


To my future mother-in-law,

Thank you for raising such a wonderful man. He is not only a loving partner to me, he is also a good human being and that is thanks to your love and support as his mother. I also want to thank you for how wonderful and loving you have been towards me. From the first day that I met you, you welcomed me with a hug and have been such a wonderful addition to my life. You are caring, loving, fun to be with and have such a warm energy about you. I feel truly blessed to be marrying into your family and that some day my children will be lucky enough to have you for their grandmother. Thank you for everything that you have done for us, we appreciate it so much more than we can ever really express. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Love Steph


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers, grandmothers, mothers-to-be, mothering figures and anyone other woman who has a motherly and nurturing influence on someone in their life. Thank you for all that you do, you are truly appreciated and loved!

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