Patio Inspiration {Bring on Summer!}

The weather is slowly but surely warming up here. Flowers are coming up, buds are starting to pop out on trees and bushes and the sun has been making a more regular appearance each day. I absolutely love this time of year because it gets me excited for all of the fun things coming up over the next few months. We have some weddings to go to, a day trip to Detroit for a ball game and countless other fun summer activities. Another reason I love spring and the warmer weather is that I start thinking about how I want to dress up our patio space. It usually gets pretty sad looking by the end of the summer, after I neglect to pull weeds and the heat makes everything fade and wilt. However, spring means I get to start over again and hope that this year is the year I finally get my act together and keep the flowers alive until the fall! haha

I have quite a bit of work ahead of me when it comes to our outdoor spaces, but a good place to start for me is by having an idea in mind of how I want things to end up looking so I put together a little inspiration board to share my plans for how I want the patio to look.

Patio Mood Board


  1. Blue trellis rug – Rosenberry Rooms, $138 (not an outdoor rug)
  2. Outdoor pillows – mustlovehomedecor, $45 for set of 2
  3. Suzani outdoor pillow – grandinroad, $25

The rug is just an inspiration for me, so that’s why it’s not specifically an outdoor rug. I’m planning on a DIY version made from drop cloth, but I really like the moroccan trellis pattern. I’m thinking either blue or green.

The pillows are gorgeous, but I think once I add in shipping costs they’ll be out of my budget, so those are also just inspiration. I’ve seen a lot of pretty, affordable outdoor pillow options at places like Rona and other big box stores, so as much as I’d love to support an awesome Etsy shop I can’t really afford it this year :(

The patio set is just something that’s similar to what ours looks like and I liked the look of the different brightly coloured flower pots. I want lots of colour on the patio this year, so I think pretty much anything will go!

Of course, I will have DIY projects planned to save some money so I’ll share those as they happen. I’m planning on getting outside today to start on the front garden. It’s in very sad shape and needs lots of love! I’ll most likely share some photos on Instagram as I go, so go ahead and follow me there to see what I’m up to!

Who else has big plans for their outdoor space? Anyone like me love to pretty things up but then becomes neglectful of weeding and watering? Some day I’ll become a really good gardener, I swear! My grandma was, so it must be in my blood…right? :)


4 Responses to “Patio Inspiration {Bring on Summer!}”
  1. redagapeblog says:

    I love your mood board. Inspiration photos are great because you can create the look yourself, whether it be DIY or bargain buys, and get the same result for less money! And I honestly believe it’s more satisfying.

    • Steph says:

      I definitely agree! The more expensive inspiration photos are so lovely to look at, but I really enjoy trying to recreate the look myself for less!

  2. Sarah says:

    Love your inspiration pics! Hope you find some affordable / easy DIYable options! I still have big plans for our patio – we’ve found a rug & a little table. I still need some pillows and at least one big pot full of flowers!

    • Steph says:

      It’s definitely fun to think about how to decorate the patio! I’m hoping the weather gets consistently warm here soon so we can actually spend some time out there! Looking forward to seeing how your patio comes together :)

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