Master Bedroom Update: A Little Bit of Progress

I’ve made a tiny bit of progress with our bedroom update, so I thought I’d share. Nothing major, but even finishing little things makes me feel closer to having it the way I want it to be.

When I rearranged the room to make a spot for the new chair, I moved the bed off of the dark purple wall and onto one of the walls that’s painted a very, very light lavender. Since the headboard is a white faux leather, it was just getting lost on the light coloured wall.

1-IMG_1Don’t mind the bare mattress, I was changing the sheets that day :) Also, the headboard was just resting against the wall on top of the mattress since I had taken it off the wall to give it a little update. The bottom sits just below the top of the mattress when it’s hanging on the wall.

So, to try and give it a little something to make it stand out against the wall, I just added a ribbon detail to it.


1-IMG_3I’m not totally sold on it, but it was really inexpensive ($5 for 2 rolls of the ribbon) and I just used clear packing tape to attach it so it’s temporary. Who knows what colour of walls we’ll have down the road, so I didn’t want to do anything too permanent. I’m considering doing some sort of nail head detail on it, but that will cost a bit more than $5 so ribbon it is for now :)

The second thing I gave a little update to was the ceiling shade. This was a clearance lamp shade that I picked up at Winners shortly after we had moved in. The light fixture in the room was one of those ugly boob fixtures and I had seen somewhere (can’t remember where now!) that someone just swapped out the glass shade part for a lamp shade. Genius! I did have to use some ribbon tied underneath it to keep it up high enough, but most people don’t look closely enough to see that so I’m ok with it :)

I forgot to take a before picture, but it was just plain grey before. To add a little pop of colour to the inside, I hot glued some pink fabric (an old scarf that I haven’t worn in years) to the inside. I put some grey ribbon around the bottom of the inside of the shade to cover the scraggly ends of the pink fabric and then I put the left over trim from the chair around the bottom of the outside of the shade. I’m really happy with the fun bit of colour that it adds!


1-IMG_5The last little update that I have to share is the curtains. When we first moved in, I hung the curtain rod right on top of the trim around the window. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I did that, probably that it was easier to do that than to try and measure it out to hang it higher don’t judge me I’m lazy. I also didn’t realize at that time what a difference it makes hanging curtains high and wide. Not only did it make the window look smaller, it also caused the curtains to drag excessively on the floor. Now, over a year later, I’ve read A LOT of home decor blogs, magazines, etc. and I realize the error of my ways. No longer shall I hang the curtains right on top of the window trim.


So, so sad looking.

On top of hanging the curtains higher and slightly wider, I also added sheer white panels behind the black curtains. I love having the curtains open to let in light, but that meant having our bedroom window wide open to the parking lot below. Not so cool if you’re getting dressed or coming into the room after a shower. I don’t really like the idea of my neighbours being able to see right into our business haha

To hang the sheer panels, I just used some thick picture hanging wire and wrapped it around one of the brackets on the end, slid the curtains on and then pulled it as tight as I could and wrapped it around the bracket at the other end. It was drooping just a bit in the middle, so I used a small S hook to hook around the middle bracket and then hooked it onto the wire. It hides behind the curtain rod, so you can’t even tell it’s there. (I was going to use the idea of stretching a bungee cord from bracket to bracket to hold the sheer panels, but I couldn’t find one longer than 4 feet. It’s 7 feet from one bracket to the other and I was worried that if it was pulled too tight it would put too much pressure on the brackets and make them pull away from the wall.)

It looks so much nicer now I think, much more layered and I love being able to have the curtains open to let light in but still maintain some privacy.

1-IMG_7Added bonus: the curtains just skim the floor now. Looks much better!

So those are the little updates that I’ve made so far. I’m on the look out now for a small side table for beside the chair. I have an idea in mind of what I want, so I’m hoping I can find something soon for not too much money. And just to stay on track, here’s my list again with what has been done so far and what I’m still hoping to do:

  • move bed off of purple wall to make room for “reading corner”
  • redo chair for corner
  • get tall reading lamp for corner
  • find and redo side table for corner
  • add some definition to white headboard so that it stands out more from light coloured wall (either recover it or add nail head detail around edges)
  • add some colour to the inside of the ceiling shade
  • rehang the curtains (go high and wide instead of right on top of the window trim)
  • add sheer curtains to the windows (this idea is what I’m thinking)
  • patch and paint holes in purple wall
  • possibly add stencil to purple wall
  • add picture ledges to purple wall
  • frame pictures/prints for picture ledges
  • colourful accent pillows for bed
  • new pillow cover for chair pillow







6 Responses to “Master Bedroom Update: A Little Bit of Progress”
  1. Sarah says:

    I love the ribbon detail! It’s fun and when you’re tired of it, you can re-purpose the ribbon for something else, like wrapping gifts! And I definitely agree, the curtains look much better a few inches higher.

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