Thinking Spring!


Who else is completely sick of winter hanging around? I mean really, it’s April 4th and the best we’ve been doing is about 2°C (that’s 35°F for my American friends) for daily highs. What gives? That groundhog is a little liar.

So, instead of getting angry at a poor, defenceless groundhog who – let’s get real – has no idea what he’s predicting, I decided that it was time to just “think spring”! I’m adding some spring touches to things around the house to at least cheer me up until the weather warms up. Although I have to admit, today is bright and sunny and it’s supposed to get up to 9°C so it’s much easier today to get into a spring time mood :)

Last year I made a fun little yarn wrapped wreath for the door to welcome spring.

I just used what I had to create the flowers, which ended up being different patterns of scrapbook paper, and it looked cute when I first made it but then the beautiful spring time sun which beats down on our front door mercilessly faded those cute little flowers into sad, sad former shells of themselves…


Everything had gone a weird beige kind of colour, even the buttons had faded :(

However, I still liked the look of the yarn wrapping and I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good wreath base, so I just pulled off all of the faded paper and the large flower and was left with an even sadder looking wreath.

1-IMG_2I didn’t want to mess around with pulling off all of the buttons so they stayed and I just worked them in.

I decided that fabric flowers would probably hold up a bit better to the fading powers of the sun, so I took some scraps that I had and made some. I just gathered the edges of strips of fabric with some thread to make a sort of ruffle that joined into a circle.

1-IMG_3I made several flowers in different sizes and fabrics and just layered them and added buttons to the middle. I also added a few more buttons to fill things out and add a bit more colour. I have to say, I think the colours are a bit more summery than spring but it looks much nicer than the faded paper flowers and I can leave it up until the fall if I want to although let’s not kid ourselves, I get bored and will probably put something new up in a few months.


1-IMG_6It’s definitely a nice little piece of happy on our front door!

Who else is ready for warmer weather? What spring projects are you guys up to? And who else has wreath ADD? haha

5 Responses to “Thinking Spring!”
  1. Really love this wreath! The fabric flowers are perfect! :-)

  2. Sarah says:

    This is such a cute wreath! As I was leaving the house yesterday I decided that I need a wreath for our front door. I have some wreath forms stashed away, so I’ll have to see if I can make flowers as cute as yours! Also, I’m totally angry at that defenseless groundhog. I’m tired of being cold! They claim it will be nice this weekend though, so fingers crossed that you get a warm-up too. 2 Celsius is no joke!

    • Steph says:

      Thanks Sarah! The flowers were super easy and a perfect way to use up fabric scraps. I’m a bit of a craft hoarder so I hold onto little pieces of fabric because I can’t stand the thought of throwing them away but then they’re never big enough for a substantial project haha

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