I Love Technology

Name that movie! If you’re a geek like me, you’ll know what it is. A little hint…”Vote For Pedro”.

Anyway, as the title states this post is just a quick one to share something that I just learned how to do and wanted to pass on to any fellow (WordPress) blogger who hasn’t figured it out yet.

If you view my posts through the blog as opposed to an e-mail reader, you may have noticed my beautiful, sunny new social media buttons.

socialmediabuttonsLet me tell you folks, I’m not a particularly tech savvy gal. I know my way around Windows and can figure out most basic things, but a lot of the technical aspects of blogging are over my head. However, this quick little update was relatively easy once I found a great tutorial that explained how to do it specifically for WordPress. I also got the icons for free, so this was just a simple way to streamline the look of the blog a bit and it didn’t cost me anything!

First things first, you’ll need a set of icons. I’m sure there are a lot of sources on the internet to get free ones, you just need to Google it. I got mine here, and I love the colour. She had 30 different options to choose from so there shouldn’t be any problem finding some that fit with the look of your blog.

Once you’ve chosen your icons and downloaded them, there are a few steps to go through to turn them into working social media buttons. This tutorial explains all of the steps from uploading your icons to your WordPress media library and the code that you need to make it work. There’s no point in me repeating her instructions, so just do yourself a favour and go read her easy to understand tutorial.

The only thing that I wanted to mention was that when I was copying and pasting in my social media links and the link to my icon image, the quotation marks at the very end of where the link needed to be were automatically being highlighted when I clicked to paste the link so they got erased once I pasted my link in so I had to be sure to add it back in. Just be sure to double check your code before you save it, otherwise it most likely won’t work. I don’t really know anything about html code, but I’m pretty sure that every character needs to be there in order for it to work. I’d just hate for someone to go through the process of doing this and then have it not work and not know where it went wrong.

Anyway, there’s my geeky little tidbit for the day! I’m sure most bloggers have figured out social media buttons by now, but just in case there are any newbs like me out there who are a bit slower to catch on to the technical stuff I wanted to share that it is actually pretty simple! Enjoy your new buttons :)

2 Responses to “I Love Technology”
  1. twistnpout says:

    Good tip. I am always learning new things about all the “behind the scenes” aspects of blogging.

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