Wedding Colour Palette Options….I need feedback!

Time is quickly ticking along, and our wedding date is ever approaching. We still have a little over 14 months until the big day, but I’m a plan it all out kind of gal so I like having the details taken care of well ahead of time. One thing that I keep changing my mind on is the colour palette…kind of a huge element, no? haha

I’ve run through several ideas at this point…one major drawback to a 2+ year engagement is that it gives you way too much time to over think, reconsider and change your mind! So, I decided to browse through some paint colours online and put together some different colour palettes that I’ve been considering and ask for feedback from you! So, here they are in no particular order:

Colour Palette #1

Dark Purple, Lavender, Light Yellow and Grey

Purple-Lavender-Yellow-GreyThis colour palette was actually my mom’s idea (hopefully when she sees this it will actually be what she was picturing when she suggested it!) and I do really like it. We’re getting married next May 31 so I want to have a very fresh and springy vibe to things. My favourite colour is dark purple so that’s where that came from, but lately I’ve been wondering if the dark purple might be too heavy for spring.

How I’d make this one work: The main place that you’d see the dark purple would be the bridesmaids dresses, the grey would be brought in with the guy’s tuxes and then the lavender and light yellow would be the main decor colours with the flowers, centerpieces, etc.

Colour Palette #2

Dark Purple, Lavender, Light Pink, Light Yellow and Grey

Purple-Lavender-Pink-Yellow-GreyThese are the same colours as above, I just added in the pink!

How I’d make this one work: Everything here would be the same as above except that I would add the light pink as another accent colour, but in very small doses. The main spot that you’d see the pink would be in the flowers, since I adore pink peonies and they should be in season when we get married so it would be great to add some pops of pink into the bouquets and in small touches throughout the rest of the decor.

Colour Palette #3

Aqua, Yellow and Grey

Aqua-Yellow-GreyThis is my most recent colour scheme I’ve dreamed up. I absolutely love how the aqua and yellow look together and this one is definitely fresh and looks like spring!

How I’d make this one work: With these colours, I would most likely change the colour of the bridesmaids dresses to the aqua. I also considered doing grey bridesmaids dresses and then having the shoes in the aqua as a pop of colour and then use the yellow and maybe some aqua in the flowers. I would then use the aqua and yellow throughout the rest of the decor as well. I really love the look of blue tinted mason jars so this colour palette would be a perfect way to bring those in!

Colour Palette #4

Aqua, Yellow, Light Pink and Grey

Aqua-Yellow-Pink-GreyAgain, all I did was add the light pink to the above colour palette.

How I’d make this one work: This would be the same as #3, except adding in the pink in the form of the pink peonies like in option #2. I think the pink adds an extra spring like element to this colour palette and I think it looks really pretty with the aqua and yellow. Again, the pink would be in very small doses and not really a main colour.

So those are the colours that are currently swirling around in the wedding section of my brain right now. I’d love to get some feedback on what other people think to help me try and narrow it down a bit. I also think I’m going to work on putting together some inspiration boards to see how the colours would all read together in a real life event. Perhaps I’ll do them for the 2 most popular choices based on what you guys think? So give me your opinions please, this bride to be needs to start making some decisions!

6 Responses to “Wedding Colour Palette Options….I need feedback!”
  1. Catherine Caple says:

    First impressions: I like the your Mom’s palette with the addition of pink. I might choose a more vibrant dark purple though.Here’s a fun site to go to for colour palettes: You can play to your heart’s content!


    • Steph says:

      Thanks for your thoughts! I do really like those colours too. The aqua and yellow was kind of a random thought I had a few days ago and I thought it was fresh and modern but sometimes more classic colours are easier to work with. I’ll try to sort it out soon!! And I’ll check out that website, it sounds like fun :)
      PS I’m sure my mom will be happy that you agree with her choice!

  2. Catherine Caple says:

    P.S. I think the turquoise makes it look too girly-eastery for you. Just my thoughts!

  3. Sarah says:

    I love the first two. I voted for the one including pink, because I think the flowers would be especially pretty if you did yellow, pink, and white flowers (with some lilac too if it’s available). That should make your life easier with the florist. I think the darker purple would be gorgeous on the bridesmaids dresses and perfect for Spring. Perhaps you can also tie it in with the table settings – either have the table numbers in purple, or use dark purple napkins and white table cloths. That would keep it fresh. Good luck! Deciding on colors are so hard!

    • Steph says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Sarah! I’ve been thinking about the colours a lot since I posted this, and I’ve definitely decided on option #2. I think I was really loving the idea of the dark purple, lavender and yellow but something kind of felt like it was missing. I kept pinning images with pink but didn’t want pink to be the main colour. Once I added the pink to the other 3 colours it all made sense! It’s very fresh looking to me and perfect for spring, and I’m sure the flowers available in May in those colours will be beautiful!

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