Beaded Chandelier {Pinterest Challenge}

I FINALLY have this project completed (ok, it’s about 98% done but good enough to share!). The timing also worked out well to make it part of the Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition, hosted in part by my favourite home/DIY blog Young House Love.

I’ve had this project in mind for months, and my original inspiration for it was this:

PLEASE pin from the original source if you’d like to pin this image :)

Then I remembered that I had also pinned this:

PLEASE pin from the original source if you’d like to pin this image :)

So I sort of mashed the 2 ideas together and came up with my own version. I wanted a new light fixture for the guest room because this is what was in there:


1-IMG_2GROSS. It was old, dirty, ugly…I could complain about it on and on. I knew I had to change it, but I also knew that only specific fixtures would work up there since the part of the light that holds the lightbulbs had to stay so it was really just a matter of taking down the glass “shade” and covering up the ugliness with something else.

Before I explain how I went about making my chandelier, I need to put in a disclaimer. This ended up being so much more time consuming than I had first thought that it would be. I decided against the faux capize shell chandelier because the thought of ironing all of those pieces of waxed paper together and then punching out circles of it and sewing them all together…it sounded so tedious. So I chose instead to manually string 4400 beads. In hindsight, probably not any less tedious and definitely time consuming. This easily took 10-12 hours to complete, done in smaller chunks of time over several days. It also ended up being a lot more expensive than the capize shell chandelier would have been. It only ended up costing me $13 since I had Michael’s gift cards left from Christmas, but without the gift cards it would have been around $65-$70 for all of the supplies to make this in which case I never would have made it. Just keep those things in mind if you’re contemplating a similar project.

I chose to use crystal type plastic beads, clear jewellery thread (looks like fishing line almost) and embroidery hoops for the basics of my chandelier. I used a 10 inch hoop for the outside ring of the chandelier and a 5 inch hoop for the inside. I would have preferred a slightly larger hoop for the inside but there weren’t any in stock when I went to get my supplies. I initially bought 4 packages of beads that each had 550 beads in them, but had to go back and get 4 more. 4400 beads in total lol

I started off by threading the clear thread through the bead and tying a double knot as tight to the bead as I could.


I trimmed off the end and then strung 29 more beads so that I had a strand of 30, for the larger hoop. I did strands of 15 for the smaller hoop since it was going to be on the inside and you would only see the bottom part hanging down so I saved myself some beads and extra weight. I was eyeballing the length of the clear thread I was using, but it was probably about 18 inches long for each strand. I was tending to go longer since it was easier to tie it onto the embroidery hoop when it came time to do that.

1-IMG_4I ended up tying the strands tighter to the hoop so that they didn’t slide all over the place.

So then I did this about a million more times to fill up both hoops. I just spaced the strands so that the beads were just touching on each side. In the end, I was using white thread to string my beads since I was almost out of the clear thread and I wanted to save it to attach the 2 hoops together and to hang it from the ceiling. I really should have just bought another roll of the clear thread. The white cotton thread that I was using started to come untied on some of the strands which was no bueno. Nothing says welcome and relax to your guests like having beads come pouring down on them while they’re sleeping, right? So I had to go back and put a little bit of hot glue over each spot where the thread was tied, on the beads and also where it was tied around the hoop. Silly, silly…I should have just spent the extra few dollars. Lesson learned!

I painted the smaller hoop that was going to hang inside the bigger hoop with some white craft paint so that it didn’t stand out as much through the beads. I also hot glued some dark grey ribbon around the top of the larger hoop to make it look finished and to hide where I had tied all of the strands on.

I used the clear thread to hang the smaller hoop inside the bigger one. I tied the clear thread onto the smaller hoop in 3 places, as evenly spaced as I could get it and I had the Mr. hold the bigger hoop for me and I just eyeballed it until it looked level and I tied the clear thread onto the bigger hoops. Turns out it wasn’t quite level lol that’s why I’m calling it 98% done…I really should figure out a way to just raise up the smaller hoop on one side and it will look much better.

Hanging it from the ceiling was a whole other challenge. It had to be right up against the ceiling to hide the gaps around where the light fixture is attached to the ceiling, so what I ended up doing was tying the clear thread onto the larger hoop in 3 places.

1-IMG_5I then marked where those 3 spots were on the ceiling, drilled holes and screwed in some heavy duty drywall plugs.

1-IMG_6 Luckily my sister came over for a visit so she was able to help me hang it. She held it up while I put the screws into the drywall plugs almost all the way, then made a loop in the clear thread which I wrapped around the screw several times and then screwed it in the rest of the way to hold the clear thread tight. I should really go over the screws with a bit of white paint as well just to hide them a bit.

1-IMG_7It took a lot of MacGyvering to get this thing up there lol but I’m pretty happy with how it looks. It’s definitely not perfect, and it doesn’t look as nice from the other corner of the room haha but it’s soooo much better than what was there.

Here it is with the light on:


1-IMG_9And with the light off:

1-IMG_10You can see in this one how the inside hoop is crooked. I will fix that…eventually :)

In the end, I’m happy with how this turned out but if I were to do it again I wouldn’t lol I would definitely just go the faux capize shell route since it would be much cheaper and would probably be the same amount of time or less. However, since most of the supplies were covered by gift cards, I’m ok with it. I do like that it’s sparkly and I think it goes nicely with the room.

So there’s my take on something that I pinned! Who else is taking part in the Pinterest challenge? Do you pin all kinds of things and then never actually do them, or do you get on that and get those pins done? I’m probably about 95-5 for doing what I pin…the 5% being what I actually do of course and the other 95% just sit on my Pinterest boards taunting me haha

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14 Responses to “Beaded Chandelier {Pinterest Challenge}”
  1. twistnpout says:

    All I can say is WOW. Fantastic job. I just did my own interest challenge, but nothing as intense as this. I also want to do something similar to this in our bedroom, but I dont think I have the patience for this at all. Thanks for your honesty too – nice to know you might not do it again and that it was so time consuming. Sometimes people give the impression that they just Whip stuff up easy peasy like. lol.
    Awesome work.

    • Steph says:

      Thanks!! I will always be honest about how things go, even if something turns out to be a huge fail lol the whole point of blogging is to share with others, so you might as well let people know if something was worthwhile. I think you should definitely attempt a DIY light fixture, but maybe look around for something less labour intensive lol

  2. Absolutely amazing!!! It looks brilliant. You must be so pleased with the result. :)

    • Steph says:

      Thank you!! I am very happy with how it turned out :) I find myself going to the doorway of the guest room now and just looking around and smiling lol I love how that room has come together.

  3. Sarah says:

    This looks AMAZING! But oh my goodness – I can’t imagine taking the time to string all of those beads.

    • Steph says:

      Thanks Sarah! Yeah, have to be honest that I wouldn’t attempt something like this again lol I’m happy with how it turned out but for the time that went into it, it’s not my favorite thing I’ve ever done. You don’t know unless you try something though, right? :)

      • Sarah says:

        It’s so true – sometimes you just have to try it! I once tufted our coffee table turned ottoman (which took 7 ridiculously long hours & resulted in too many needle sticks to my fingers). I really do think that it looks great – so hopefully you’ll forget about the time it took eventually and just love the end result!

  4. Oh my gosh, YOU STRUNG YOUR OWN BEADS? This looks like a million bucks…great job!

  5. Cheryl in Wisconsin says:

    I am impressed with your ambition and persistence. Your result looks great. I have a similar light fixture on my bedroom ceiling, and mine has the added consideration of having a pull chain come out of the center of it! You have given me some good ideas. Thanks.

    • Steph says:

      Thanks! It was definitely a lesson in persistence haha
      Those weird builder grade light fixtures can be awful to try and decorate around. I put a drum shade on the one in our bedroom, so that’s another idea for you. Good luck figuring something out! :)

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