New look, and a sneak peek!

Happy Family Day all! Or President’s Day for the Americans :)

For anyone who views my posts from the actual site, you probably noticed that I changed the look of things. Although I loved the colour of the old yellow background, I was wanting something more neutral. I also decided to change up the header, and I’m not crazy about it only because I’m working within the limitations of what is free so it’s kind of blurry, and you can see the lines drawn through it since I didn’t actually purchase the image of the sweet little owls lol. However, I like the direction I’m going in now with the look of the blog and I’m toying around with the idea of upgrading to have more control over the customization and look of things. I’ll keep everyone posted on any changes I decide to make :)

I also wanted to throw out a little sneak peek picture of what I’m working on right now. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook (and if you don’t, you should!) you’ve already seen the peek of what I’ve been up to. This is probably one of the more tedious and time consuming things I’ve done (including the 6 back breaking hours I put into the chevron backsplash!) and it involves thousands of beads…seriously, that’s not an exaggeration…but I’m liking how it’s coming together, so give me another 50 hours or so and it will be ready for a full reveal haha

1-IMG_0565I also had my little helper monkey there to supervise my work….

1-IMG_0563She’s so funny, she always wants to stick her nose into whatever I’m trying to work on :) especially when it involves things that she thinks are meant to be played with haha

I hope everyone is having a great long weekend, I’m going to do my best to get this thing finished up so that I can show it off!




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