Custom pillow cover, on the cheap!

In Thursday’s post I talked about another addition I made to the guest room along with the new headboard. Who spotted that it was a new pillow cover? Good eye if you picked that out!

I knew that I needed to change the pillow cover in there to coordinate with the yellow in the fabric on the headboard, so I used the leftover fabric from my storage box project and the leftover grey sheet fabric that I used for the living room pillows.


I used the yellow fabric for the front and the grey for the back since I didn’t have enough of the yellow for the whole thing. I didn’t want to just leave the yellow front plain, because I thought that would be pretty blah looking. My initial idea was to use the left over pieces from the headboard fabric as well and do alternating stripes or quilt like squares, but I wasn’t liking how the two were looking side by side. So I played around with the stitch functions on my sewing machine a bit…


And settled on a zig zag stitch to add some personality to my pillow cover. I decided to make a sort of border with it, so I measured things out on the back side of the fabric.

I went 3 inches in all around, to account for a 1 inch roughly seam allowance. That way the border would be visible on the front of the pillow and not getting lost along the edges.


I then drew straight lines, connecting the marks I had made. I chose to draw the lines on the back of the fabric so they wouldn’t be visible when it was finished. The stitching looks the same on both sides, so doing it this way worked out well.

1-IMG_4I decided to run the stitching right off the edge of the fabric because 1) I liked the way that it looked and 2) that way the zig zag stitching would be sewn into the seams of the pillow so I wouldn’t have to worry about it coming out.

I used the lines as a guide for sewing on the zig zag stitches, keeping the line centred in the slit on the sewing machine foot.

1-IMG_5I did the stitching on the front cover first, then followed this tutorial to make the cover. Easy peasy! I like that it has a custom look to it, just by adding on some simple lines in a zig zag stitch. Anyone can do this, I swear!

I really love how it looks, and it was easy and FREE! My favourite :)

1-IMG_6I just think the zig zag is so fun!! The Mr. also really liked this pillow (funny the things they sometimes notice and take interest in, isn’t it? haha) so that was a bonus! He is completely patient and tolerant with all of my decorating ideas, as crazy as some of them may seem. Even if he doesn’t particularly like something, he lets it happen anyway because he knows that I enjoy it, so it’s always a plus when he does really like something!

1-IMG_7There seems to be a lot of pattern going on in this room, but I like how it’s coming together and I personally think that several patterns in one room can work! Who agrees or disagrees with me?

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