Wedding Inspiration: Rustic Elegance

The Mr. and I are still a while away from the big day, but we (and really who am I kidding when I say we, the Mr. lets me make the decisions lol) have been checking things off our list as the months have gone by. We’ve booked our venue, our photographer and I’ve gotten my dress. We still have lots to do, but you better believe that I’ve been pinning like a crazy person to come up with ideas of how I want the day to come together.

I’m definitely set on the theme: rustic elegance. At least that’s what I’m calling it :)

I love the more laid back, natural feel of a rustic theme but I also want to inject some style and elegance into it. It definitely won’t be country, but may have some country vibes to it. Let me show you just a sampling of what I’ve pinned to my wedding board to show what I mean….


This is still way up in the air, but I feel like I’m narrowing it down a little at a time. I know I want Mason jars, maybe lanterns and some candles.

Sadly, we don’t really have the budget for fresh flower centrepieces but I just thought this was so beautiful.


I think I have a fairly good idea in my mind of what I want the ceremony to look like. It’s going to be outside on the lawn of the golf course that overlooks a lake. It’s a really beautiful spot, and I think we’ll keep the decor fairly simple.

Via Pinterest

I love the look of the scattered petals up the sides of the aisle. I actually found a tutorial on how to make petal runners using tulle and fake flower petals, so that might be worth trying. It would definitely be easy to clean up by just rolling it up!

I thought these paper flowers were fun, and also economical!

I definitely want some sort of arch for the ceremony. I like the flowing fabric on this one, but I would definitely stick with just white. I’m not sure how this vision will play out because I don’t know how we would secure it on the lawn, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

I really love the look of this. I was thinking for the ceremony, it would be nice to have one on either side of the arch with flower arrangements on top. It would be even easier to just flip them over and put the flowers right on the bottom of the barrel instead of having to worry about getting a glass top. They could be moved into the reception afterwards to serve double duty as decor inside.


Like I already mentioned, we don’t really have the budget for fresh flower centrepieces but I will be doing fresh flowers for the bouquets (probably lol). I’ve seen some really pretty paper and fabric flower bouquets, some I’m not ruling anything out yet!

I adore this bouquet. I love that it looks sort of like a wildflower arrangement, and I really love peonies (which are in season when we get married!). I’d probably have to scale back the size, and would change out the pink for a different accent colour, but overall I really love this one.

Paper flowers!

This one is fabric, and is absolutely beautiful, but it sells for $125 which is way more than I budgeted for my bouquet. If I became really sold on the idea I’m sure I could make my own version.


Here are a few images of other things that I may try to incorporate throughout the decor. We’re going to get a decorator to help us out with some of the stuff, but I really do want to DIY as much as possible, so this stuff is all my inspiration!

I love that these bridesmaid dresses can have different necklines. My girls are all different shapes and sizes and I want everyone to feel awesome in their dress. I also love the flowiness of these.

And here is something that I’m going to continue to keep in mind during the planning of our wedding. As much as I want things to be beautiful, I don’t ever want to lose sight of why we’re having this big fancy party.

So there’s some wedding inspiration eye candy for you this morning! I have 270 pins on my wedding board, so definitely no lack of inspiration haha I’m really looking forward to when we’re close enough that I can start working on all of the crafty and DIY elements!

Who else is loving the rustic trend lately? Anyone else out there planning a similarly themed wedding?

9 Responses to “Wedding Inspiration: Rustic Elegance”
  1. You’ve got some great ideas here! Rustic Elegance is really a great look — combines the best of both worlds! Plus I’ve found it is a great way to incorporate some elegance and beauty into your wedding with out the expense of “going all out”.

  2. lulu says:

    What absolutely wonderful things you have found to inspire you. I love your idea of having a natural/rustic theme which in its own way will be very sophisticated. Good luck with all your projects.

    • nwbnstr says:

      Thank you! I’m really drawn to how relaxed the rustic theme is, but I will be incorporating a touch of sparkle here and there to glam it up just a bit. It is a wedding after all!

  3. Valerie says:

    I love the 2nd and 3rd pics!! Gorgeous and probably easy to make. <3

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