Linen Closet Organization (AKA Welcome to My Shame)

I try to be a tidy and organized person, but I am only human and like everyone else there are areas of our home that fall by the wayside and become neglected dumping grounds for stuff. I am proud to say however, that any of these spots in our home have a door that I can hide the shame with :)

Our linen closet was one of these places. It’s in the upstairs hallway, and actually serves as a linen closet/medicine cabinet/paper goods storage. It’s a nice big closet, which is great, but that also means that it became easily disorganized and messy. A couple of days ago I decided that enough was enough and it was time that I cleaned up the shame that was the linen closet.

(Please excuse all pictures. Some were taken at night, some this morning when the light wasn’t great, and it’s a closet. Has anyone else ever tried taking pictures of the inside of a closet? Ugh…)

Here are some before pictures of the closet. I had to take pictures of the right and left side separately since it has sliding doors.


Jumbled up sheets and blankets and a hot mess of toiletries….




Don't let this side fool you into thinking it wasn't messy. I forgot to take a true before picture and had already started folding towels properly.

Don’t let this side fool you into thinking it wasn’t messy. I forgot to take a true before picture and had already started folding towels properly.

A close up of that lower shelf....yeah, you can see the disorganization better in this one.

A close up of that lower shelf….yeah, you can see the disorganization better in this one.

Overall, this little project really didn’t take me that long to complete. I started it Sunday night around 8 and got all of the linens in order (that took maybe an hour), than yesterday I went and bought a few plastic containers from the Dollar Tree to better organize the toiletries, which took maybe an hour to an hour and a half (that’s being generous lol).

I am SO happy with this closet now!! Welcome to the closet that is no longer my shame…..

Breathing a sigh of relief :)

Breathing a sigh of relief :)

Nice little labelled homes for everything.

Nice little labelled homes for everything.

Oh yeah, I'm now a sheet folding BOSS.

Oh yeah, I’m now a sheet folding BOSS.

1-IMG_91-IMG_101-IMG_11A few tips on how I made this closet function better:

1. Fold those sheets properly!! I know that folding fitted sheets is a pain in the booty, but once you get the hang of it, it really does make a huge difference!! I found this video via Pinterest, and it helped me figure out how to fold that darn sheet properly. Not going to lie, I had to watch it several times while folding the sheet to figure it out. I ended up just trying to watch what she was doing as opposed to listening to what she was saying. There are tons of tutorials out there though on how to do this, so just find one that makes sense to you.

2. Package up your sheets. Not everyone may care about having neat little sheet packages behind closed doors, but if you DO care you should check out this post that I found via (what else) Pinterest. 4 different ways to keep your sheets together. I obviously preferred the little wrapping technique since I like how it looks.

3. Fold towels in thirds. Why oh why have I not done this before? I’ve always just folded them in half, then in half again and in half again. They tend to look kind of sloppy this way and slide around and come kind of unfolded. Folding in thirds makes a big difference, and then you have a nice folded edge to face outwards.

4. Group like items into baskets, buckets, etc. This really does make a difference. Having a specific spot for things makes it easier to keep things together and stops you from having a hot mess of toiletries like we did.

5. Label it! Seriously, labels are your friend. I just cut out pieces of cardstock, hand wrote the label and folded it over the little handle and glued it in place. If you want to get more fancy with your labels though, there are Etsy shops that sell them and I believe Martha Stewart has a line of printable labels at Staples.

I’m so happy that this closet is finally functional. I’m fairly confident that we’ll keep it that way too, since our front hall closet is still doing well after it’s little overhaul it got a few months ago. I really do think that giving things a specific place helps to keep everything organized long term.

Now, since I like to keep it real around here I’m going to share one last picture of my next HUGE organization project. Please don’t judge me for this, I promise that it doesn’t always look this bad. This picture is a combination of a couple boxes of Christmas gifts that still need to find a permanent home and the aftermath of my winter wreath making a few days ago. I’m pretty sure this is what it would look like if there were such a thing as a craft bomb, and if that craft bomb exploded all over my craft room…….


Oh the horror….oh the shame….

This is next on the list of things to organize, but this room is really a much bigger project than it looks like. That wooden armoire that you can see a peek of houses many craft supplies, and it’s in dire need of some basket/bucket organization. You also can’t see a closet that is in this room that houses more craft supplies that need organization. There’s also a pile of wreaths sitting out of view on the left side of the room that need a better home, and I really need a better spot for the printer and my Cricut. The tasks associated with cleaning up this room are numerous, so hopefully the next time I have a couple of days off in a row I can just hole myself up in here and get it done!

Now I’m off to pack away my Christmas decorations. Yes, my tree is still up on January 8th. So what?? haha

Does anyone else have a closet/room/drawer of shame? Come on, I know I’m not the only one….

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