Let It Snow

Ok, I don’t really want more snow but it’s a much catchier and appropriate title than “winter wreath” :)

The Christmas decor is coming down, and that meant that our front door would be wreath-less. I have a little snowman that I’ve hung on the door in the winter for the last 5 years or so, but he was a dollar store find and I decided that it was time for an upgrade.

I found everything to make my wreath at Michael’s, and they have some good deals on right now so it was fairly inexpensive. I spent about $16 on everything and then used some stuff I already had (although to be honest this wreath cost me $0 because I had gift cards from Christmas. Does my family know me or what?) Regardless, for someone starting from scratch this would be a fairly inexpensive project if you got the same good deals that I did.

I got a grapevine wreath (on for $4.99!) and wrapped some sparkly blue tulle around it. Then I decorated it with fabric flowers that I made, a 75¢ wood decal, 75¢ sparkly silver pinecones and some pearl spray that was originally $5.99 but was 50% off. Man, I love a deal :)

Here’s how my wreath turned out!


The “let it snow” was a 75¢ clearance find at Michael’s. The pattern was a very small black and white check, which I thought was too dark for the wreath. I lightened it up a bit by just giving it one coat of white craft paint. You can still see the texture of the check, but the letters stand out better against the dark grapevine.

The fabric flowers I made by using the same technique I used to make the ruffles on these pillows, except I kept the thread to one side of the strip of fabric instead of down the middle. Once I had my desired amount of gathered fabric I just sewed the two ends together. Then I wound some jute into a spiral and hot glued it on, then glued a button in the middle. Super easy, and free since I had everything on hand to make them. (And a little secret…the white material is just pieces leftover from some bed sheets that I turned into curtains!)




To hang it, I took some more of that leftover sheet material and braided it into a sort of rope. I hot glued it to the back of the wreath, and there you have it.

I love how this wreath turned out! I’m really not a fan of winter, but the cool colours are right up my alley and looking at this pretty wreath on the front door every time I come home may make it a bit more manageable. (Yeah right, who am I kidding….lol)

Who else makes their own wreaths? Anyone actually a fan of winter?

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7 Responses to “Let It Snow”
  1. Leah says:

    This looks fantastic! I love the homemade flowers too. :)

  2. super cute! perfect for after_ Christmas_ but_ still_ winter. :)
    I made a wreath today, posting it mid next week. took forEVER but worth it!

  3. cassie says:

    such a happy wreath! i love the little flowers that give it a happy touch!

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