Gallery Wall Addition

I scooped up a few wooden words at Michael’s the other day for 75¢ a piece. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, but I couldn’t pass them up when my total was only a few dollars and I had a gift card to pay for it.

They were covered in red and white prints when I got them, and although the patterns weren’t terrible they definitely didn’t go with the colours in our home.


I decided to cover them with scrapbook paper and sheet music so that they were more neutral and would fit in with our little gallery wall.

I didn’t take pictures of this process, but it was very easy. I covered the top of the word with Mod Podge (make sure it’s well coated or you’ll get bubbles in your paper…I speak from experience on this lol) and then put the paper on top. I gave it a few seconds to make sure it stuck, then I just took an exacto knife and cut the paper around the letters. Then I coated the top and edges with Mod Podge to seal it up. Easy peasy!

I used stick on velcro dots to attach the words to the wall (the same way I hung the large wooden letter M on the gallery wall) and this is what it’s looking like.


Some close ups….

1-IMG_3 1-IMG_4

(The quality of these pictures is making me want a nice camera so badly…sigh.)

I like how the words fill out the gallery wall a little more, and if I want to change the pattern of paper on them it will be really easy to do. Just an inexpensive and easy little project! I also picked one up that says LET IT SNOW, and I’m planning on making a winter wreath for the door and using it on that (even though I’m really not a fan of snow, but the saying is fitting for winter).


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