Ruffled Christmas Trees

I’ve seen a lot of different variations of mini tabletop Christmas tree decorations this year. Felt circles, petals made from sheet music, yarn, string and more all stuck onto styrofoam or card stock cones. I really like the look of them and they seem pretty easy to make, so I decided to make my own version using ruffles. I haven’t seen a ruffled one anywhere yet, although I’m sure I’m not the only one to think of it. However, as far as I’m concerned my trees are cutting edge since I’ve used ruffles :)

1-IMG_1I started by making a couple of cones out of some heavy card stock that I had. I think thin cardboard (think cereal box) would probably work well too. You just want to use something that has some weight to it so it doesn’t collapse when you put the ruffles on.


I made 2 different versions since I started making the flatter ruffled one first and part way through I thought of how to do the more puffy one so I just did both!

For the flatter ruffles, all I did was take long strips of white fabric (left over pieces I cut off of bed sheets that I turned into our living room curtains!) and just folded it over onto itself a little at a time, hot gluing it down as I went along.

1-IMG_3Then I just hot glued the ruffled strips onto the cone, overlapping them a bit each time I went up a layer. Easy peasy!

For the bigger ruffles, I just used the same technique I did when I made the ruffles for these pillows, only I gathered the material onto the needle more towards one side instead of down the middle so that I could try and hide the thread a bit better when I overlapped the strips. Then I just hot glued the strips onto the tree the same way I did with the first one, and voila!!

1-IMG_4I plucked a couple of sparkly berries off of the wreath on our front door (use what you have, right? haha) and hot glued them to the top of each tree just to finish them off. They’re now sitting on our shelf turned mantel in the front hallway. I’ll do a separate post on what’s going on there!

Such a simple and easy craft that cost me nothing! Those are my favourite :)

Anyone else jumped on the tabletop tree decoration bandwagon? I’d love to see other people’s versions!

Linking up!

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