Christmas Tree 2012

This past Sunday I got our tree up and decorated and I thought I’d share how it turned out. I made several of the ornaments on the tree, so I’ll go over how I made those as well. I didn’t take pictures of the process of most of the ornaments, but they were all really simple. So, here is how our tree looks at night when it’s all lit up (so please pardon the lighting in the photo, I’ve been taking all of my pictures with my phone and although it has a great camera it doesn’t capture night time photos the way a really good camera would).

1-IMG_0288Going in a little closer, here are the ornaments that I made for our tree this year…



These two are what I would call “Holiday Spice Salt Dough Ornaments”. I was going to do a separate post on these, but didn’t end up documenting the process very well. Oops lol. I just took a simple salt dough recipe and added some holiday spices to it (cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves). Then I used cookie cutters to cut out the shapes and used a plastic straw to poke a hole in the top to hang them. If anyone is interested in the recipe I used, just comment on the post and I’ll reply back with the recipe :) They smelled delicious when I first made them, and have since lost a lot of that smell unfortunately. They do add a cute rustic, homemade touch to the tree though.

1-IMG_0290I love these pearl ornaments, and I’ll probably make a few more to add. All I did for these was thread a needle with white thread. Then I took some larger pearls that I had from a broken necklace and threaded those on, putting 5 small pearl beads (that I got in a package from the dollar store) in between each larger pearl bead. Then I just tied it onto a regular old wire ornament hanger! I really love how they look on the tree, and they were free since I had everything on hand. Love that!


These were my jute wrapped ornaments that I posted about here. I think they look great mixed in with the sparkly and shiny red and gold store bought ornaments.

1-IMG_0289These sheet music ornaments are probably my favourite ones on the tree this year. I was back home a few weeks ago and found some old sheet music from my highschool vocal music class and I brought it back with me because I knew I could do something crafty with it. I decided to make little pinwheels out of it, glue a red button in the middle and some gold ribbon to the back to hang it from. (I just kind of made up how to make the pinwheels as I went along, so I don’t really have a good explanation for those. I’m sure there are a million tutorials out there though.) I like that they’re larger so there’s some variation in size of the ornaments and I didn’t have to spend a fortune on new large ball ornaments :)

1-IMG_0302In this picture you can see a couple of my red and gold ball ornaments that i have on the tree, that actually came from Wal-Mart last year. Some are disco ball-ish (like the red one), some are part disco ball and part sparkle and some are all sparkle like the gold one at the top. I really love these ornaments, and they weren’t expensive at all. I also added red and gold pinecone ornaments for some extra texture.

1-IMG_0301This dove ornament came from my parents I believe, a few years ago. It’s plastic, but it looks really pretty on the tree.

1-IMG_0300I believe this angel ornament was also from my parents, and I really like how delicate it is and how the lights twinkle off of the glass.

So there’s our 2012 Christmas tree! I really love how it looks, and I will definitely enjoy having it up for the next month :)

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2 Responses to “Christmas Tree 2012”
  1. Love your tree and ornaments! I think my fave is the glittered ornament and the music sheet ones since it has a story attached. Thanks for linking up over on my blog for the Home for the Holidays party! So fun!

    • nwbnstr says:

      Thanks! My favourites are definitely the sheet music ornaments. I really wanted a handmade look for my tree this year and I think I did a pretty good job of it :)
      Thanks for hosting the party!

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