Holiday Tablescape {on a budget}

Putting together a tablescape was never something I would have thought to do before I became interested in the world of home decor blogs. I’m sure I would have put together nice looking tables for dinners with friends and family, but the word “tablescape” would not have been involved. This year however, it is. I have seen many beautiful holiday tables over the last year, and this Christmas I was inspired to create my own. We don’t have any dinners planned with anyone, but if something pops up I’ll now have a beautiful setting to put together!

I called this a tablescape on a budget because I put it together using only things that I already had. And in the event that there were aspects of this table that someone wanted to recreate and they didn’t have the decor on hand, well here’s a little secret….99% of the decor on this table is from the dollar store. It would be very inexpensive to recreate even if you didn’t have things on hand. So, here are some photos of my first official tablescape and some tips on how to create something similar for those with limited funds :)

Tip #1: Work with what you’ve got, and think outside the box!

An example of how I did this: I used a red scarf that I have as a table runner! I have to be honest, I can’t take credit for this brilliant idea. I saw it on a daytime talk show the other day, but man is it a great idea! If you were willing to spend a little bit of money, you could go out and find a scarf in a beautiful pattern and colours to suit your decor and then you would be able to wear it afterwards. Genius!

Tip #2: Create some atmosphere.

Include candlelight in your holiday tablescape. It adds instant atmosphere and sets a relaxing vibe, and let’s be honest…everyone looks better in candlelight :) I chose to use real tea lights, mostly because I already had them, but if you’re uncomfortable with using real flames you could use flameless candles instead. The Dollar Tree sells flameless tea lights that flicker and they’re pretty convincing if you put them inside an opaque holder.

Tip #3: Layer your dish ware to create depth.

Ideally I would have liked to have had actual chargers to go underneath the plates, but I was determined to do this using only things I already had. So, I just layered up all of our white dishes to create each place setting! If you wanted to add some colour or texture to the place settings, you could check out thrift stores or even Wal-Mart for inexpensive chargers.

Tip #4: Make the ordinary parts of the table a little more special.

I could have just laid the cutlery on top of the napkins and called it a day, but I wanted to jazz things up a bit and it was a good way to add a rustic touch to the table. I just centered the cutlery on the napkin and tied some jute around everything. Easy peasy!

Tip #5: Make it a little more formal.

The fun part about putting together a tablescape for a dinner is that it takes what could be just an ordinary meal and makes it more special. Add name cards to the place settings for a more formal touch. I used pinecone ornaments to hold name cards that I made from shimmery, textured gold scrapbook paper that I added snowflake stickers to. I used a caligraphy marker to write the names to make them a bit more fancy looking.

Tip #6: Have fun and be creative!

To put together my centrepiece, I started with the hurricane vase in the middle and then layered around it. I poured fake cranberries into the vase, put a large pillar candle in it and tied some jute around the outside of it. Then I wound a strand of gold beads around the vase and layered in some gold pinecone ornaments. I put some gold glittered trees around the vase, added the tea lights and scattered red and gold glittery snowflake ornaments on the table runner. I just added things in as I went along and went with what I thought looked good. There’s no wrong way to do this, as long as you love it in the end!

I love how my holiday tablescape came together! I think I did a pretty good job considering I didn’t buy anything new for it. Hopefully I’ve inspired someone else to put together a beautiful holiday table on a budget!

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14 Responses to “Holiday Tablescape {on a budget}”
  1. It looks great! I love the red pinecones! Thanks for linking up to our party! xo Kristin

  2. It’s amazing you found this stuff at a Dollar store! If you wouldn’t have let us know, I wouldn’t have been the wiser! Great job! I got some adorable faux bois chargers at Target for $2.99 each, so that’s a great affordable option too :-)

    • nwbnstr says:

      It really is crazy the stuff you can find at the dollar store if you look! There’s lots of junk for sure, but there are always little gems hidden between all of the crappy stuff lol I’m in Canada and my city is FINALLY getting a Target in the spring and I am SO excited! I can’t wait until I can find fun, cheap stuff there like everyone else seems to!

  3. Sarah says:

    I love this table setting! I love how you tied the silverware with some jute – such a cute touch & I think I’ll be copying this idea in the future. I also really like the tip to add candles. We have no candles after our move across country & I think it’s time I stocked up again! Sarah

  4. Really turned out lovely! I love the idea of using a scarf as a table runner! The painted pine cones also add a really nice touch.

  5. lulu says:

    Now that you’ve gotten into tables, isn’t it fun? Somehow the little bit of extra effort even makes the food taste better!

    • nwbnstr says:

      It was really fun!! I’ll definitely be doing more tablescapes in the future :) I’ll have to set up dinners with people just so I can set up a pretty table haha

  6. annekemcconnell says:

    This is so pretty ~ just enough sparkle! I love what you did with the pinecones and names! Thanks for linking up to the party! :-)

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