Jute Wrapped Ornaments

I’ve decided to add a rustic element to my Christmas decor this year. To help do that, I gave some old dollar store ornaments a little makeover with just some jute and some hot glue.

I’ve had these ornaments for a few years, and they had definitely seen better days…

The paint and glitter was coming off of some of them, and they were kind of a wimpy size. I bought nicer, larger ornaments last year so I figured these were due for some updating. It was really simple, but definitely tedious and a bit time consuming. I ended up doing them in 3 different chunks of time, but if you’re willing to sit for a few hours you could get them done all in one go.

All I did was add some hot glue to the around the bottom of the gold part at the top and start wrapping the jute around the ornament. I put hot glue every few rows to keep it all in place and to keep the jute from sliding off of the ornament.

Once I got just past the halfway point of the ornament, I glued it down the whole way around to keep it all in place. Once you get to the end of the spiral, just make sure the jute is glued down really well at the bottom and then snip it off flush with the bottom of the ornament and you shouldn’t have any fraying or loose pieces.

These are the larger ones.

And here are the smaller ones.

To make the smaller ones a little different, I just glued a fake pearl to the bottom. I have an old, broken fake pearl necklace that I kept for just such purposes! I just cut them off the string of the necklace and hot glued them in place.

Since I don’t have my tree up yet, I just hung some on some branches I had in a bucket as part of my fall decor.

(Here’s the how-to on the snowflake stencilled canvas for anyone who’s interested.)

I love the texture and natural colour of the jute, and I’m excited to see how all of my rustic decor elements come together when I decorate!

3 Responses to “Jute Wrapped Ornaments”
  1. Leah says:

    Super cute – I pretty much love all jute-wrapped projects. I’ve seen these on Pinterest and have been meaning to do some but keep forgetting. Yours look great – thanks for the reminder. :)

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