Snowflake Stencilled Canvas

I am fully in the swing of Christmas crafting. Although I am sticking to no decorations going up before December 1st (which is becoming increasingly harder to stick to lol) I want to use November to prepare for what will be going up in December. My goal is to have all of my crafts and projects finished before I decorate so that it can all just go up in one shot.

One of the projects I completed the other day was a snowflake stencilled canvas.  I had an extra canvas laying around and my initial idea was to totally copy this awesome idea that I saw on Bliss. (awesome blog by the way, check it out!) and I still want to do that, but on a smaller canvas. So, I put my thinking cap on and came up with the snowflake stencil idea.

I had some extra shelf liner paper hanging around that my sister had given me. She completely copied my idea of lining the back of bookshelves with it (which I totally don’t mind!) and she wasn’t going to use the rest of the liner so she handed it over to me. I decided to use that since I had it on hand, and it worked out fairly well except for a few of the snowflakes that didn’t stick the best. It still worked out in the end though.

Here is what you’ll need:

•shelf liner paper

•craft paint (I chose gold because that’s one of the colours I decorate with at Christmas)

•glitter (I added it to my paint for a little extra sparkle)

•container to mix your paint and glitter in (empty tea tin works well! haha)

•exacto knife



•foam brush

I used this pin for inspiration when making my snowflakes. I’m not that great at visualizing how the snowflake will look once it’s all cut out, so this was helpful. I only ended up using it for one of the snowflakes, which was the one that turned out the best haha I ended up just free handing the rest of them, but snowflakes aren’t perfect or identical anyway, right?

Cut a piece of the shelf liner (with the backing still covering the sticky part of course) to the size that you want your snowflake to be. Fold it in half, then in half again and then into the triangle shape. I kept the backing to the outside so that I could more easily see the lines I was going to draw.

Use your scissors or exacto knife to cut the snowflake out. Using an exacto knife is handy for some patterns since you may have cut outs in the middle that you can’t easily get to with the scissors. This is what my snowflake looked like after I unfolded it and flattened out the fold lines.

So fancy! This is obviously the one that I copied from the pin haha

I made several more snowflakes in varying sizes and patterns and then stuck them down onto my canvas. (Some of them didn’t stick that well, but once I blotted the paint onto them it helped stick them down. I was just careful when painting so that they didn’t shift.)

At this stage it looked pretty cool, and if i had shelf liner paper in colours more suited to what I decorate with I would have just left it at this. Since the colours weren’t right though, I mixed up my gold craft paint and gold glitter and used a foam brush to blot the paint on over and around the snowflakes. A foam stencil brush would work best for this, but I didn’t have one so I just used a regular foam brush. I peeled the snowflakes off once it was all painted and let it dry.

I pulled out my Christmas decor and set up a quick display on the shelf in our hallway (which is my faux mantel) to show how this canvas could be used when decorating. Here is what I came up with on the fly, the real thing will look much better once I actually decorate!

It’s hard to see the glitter in the paint, but it’s there!

I’m going to add some more rustic elements to my decor this year, so this little mantel display will look different when I actually decorate. I also have more crafty projects up my sleeve to inject some rustic into our Christmas so I’ll be posting about those as they get finished!

Who else is already looking towards Christmas decorating? Anyone actually have their tree and everything up?

2 Responses to “Snowflake Stencilled Canvas”
  1. Very cute! Aren’t snowflakes just happy? Well, I think they are! xo Kristin

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