Ruffled Drop Cloth Pillows

Today I whipped up a couple of pillows for my sister and I wanted to share how I made them.

I have a lot of drop cloth material left over from when I made over my $5 thrift store ottoman and my sister said that she’d like some pillows made from it. I wanted to do something to jazz them up a bit, so I showed her some options of what I was thinking about and she agreed to the ruffled pillow. This was the inspiration photo that I found on Pinterest:

When I clicked over to the original source to see how it was made, there was a great idea for making the ruffles using the sewing machine but I obviously didn’t know how to set the stitch properly because when I did a test piece it did not work for me. Clearly just operator error, so I just made the ruffles by hand. Definitely took a bit longer than the machine would have, but it turned out the exact same.

I used the pillow cover tutorial from All Things Thrifty for the basic body of my pillow cover. For the ruffles, I cut strips of the drop cloth that were about 3 inches wide (I eyeballed it) and as long as my material would allow, which ended up being about 58 inches. Then I just used a needle and thread to sew up the middle of the strip to be able to gather the material into ruffles.

For anyone who decides to do this, just an FYI that the ruffles will come undone as you go along the strip.

Don’t worry though, once you’ve done the whole strip you can play with the ruffles to get them the right length and the ruffliness that you want. If you want it to be more ruffled, you’ll want to pull the thread tighter and if you don’t want them as tight together you can just loosen them up. Also, keep in mind that the finished ruffle strip will be much shorter than the original strip. Mine were about 58 inches to start and once I had them finished I had them to 17 inches so that they were the same length as the front of the pillow cover. Keep that in mind when making them for the size of pillow that you have.

I made 2 ruffle strips for each pillow and sewed them on one at a time, going down the middle of the strip where I had gathered it. I put them right beside each other, but obviously they could be arranged however you want. This is what the front of the pillow cover looked like after the 2 strips were sewn on:

I made sure to leave a few inches along the side to allow for the seam. Once the cover was turned right side out after I sewed it all together, the ruffles are right along the edge. Also, be sure to iron your material as best as you can. The drop cloth was pretty wrinkled from being all folded up and stuffed  into the packaging, and not all of the wrinkles came out but they still look good anyway. I probably should have washed the material, but they’re more for decoration so I doubt that anyone will have their face smushed against while taking a nap. Unwashed it is.

After I had the ruffles attached to the front of the pillow cover, I just followed the rest of the steps in the tutorial I mentioned above and I was left with my finished product!

I really love how they turned out, and I have a spot in mind for one in our house but with a bit of a twist….hopefully I can make that happen sooner rather than later and share what I’m talking about.

Just for fun, here’s a close up shot of the pretty ruffles:

You could definitely add more to these pillows, like a stencil of some sort or if you wanted to get really fancy you could cover the entire pillow front with ruffle strips. However, it was even a bit of a stretch to have my sister agree to the ruffles and not just plain old boring drop cloth pillows. I like how the thicker fabric of the drop cloth makes the pillows feel more sturdy, and I will definitely be making more pillows from this material in the future. These did take a few hours to make, but I think that was  mostly because I had a few screw ups along the way that set me back with the first pillow. The second pillow went together in about 30 minutes. I just hope that my sister likes them after all of my hard work!!

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5 Responses to “Ruffled Drop Cloth Pillows”
  1. Leah says:

    Awwww, I love these! They seem like a fairly simple project that even a novice seamstress like myself could handle. I think they’d be perfect holiday presents too :).

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