Gallery Wall In Progress

I’d like to start off by saying that I apologize for the quality of the photos in this post. I’m having some issues with my computer so the program that I use to try and improve the look of my old cameras photos is not available to me since I’m writing this post on the Mr.’s computer. However, it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything so I figured somewhat sketchy photos were better than no posts for weeks on end.

We have a skinny wall in one corner of our living room that has been looking rather bare. We bought a chair to go in it which now has my thrift store ottoman in front of it and I put up a few family pictures that I had, but it was just looking really wimpy to me so I decided to turn it into a gallery wall to beef it up a bit.

My mom got me an ornate mirror from a flea market a few weeks ago and it was a gold colour that I wasn’t really digging.

So I gave it a few coats of white semi-gloss spray paint which really updated the overall look.

I used it as the center of the “gallery”, and then just placed the pictures around it. I also gave a couple of the frames some gold corners by just taping off the places I wanted painted with FrogTape and then just used regular old gold craft paint. It took 3 coats to get coverage I was happy with. I also painted a wooden letter M with the same gold paint and incorporated that.

As a reminder, here is what that corner looked like before.

Here is what that little area looks like now (definitely still a work in progress that I will be adding to over time)…


That photo is really terrible and blurry, sorry about that!

Here are some better close up shots….

It’s still very basic, I’m planning on changing out some of those pictures eventually so there’s more variety in what’s in the frames and I’ll also add different frames eventually too. I want it to have a collected feel and I wasn’t concerned about things being placed in specific spots so I just put everything up randomly and will continue to add to it that way. For now though, I’m happy with how that area is looking more filled out.

Does anyone else have a gallery wall in their home? Do you prefer it to look symmetical and matching, or to have more of a collected look?




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