$4.99 Thrift Store Ottoman Makeover!

I’m fairly excited about how this little project turned out, mostly because it gave me the knowledge that I CAN reupholster something larger without it looking like a first-grader did it :)

A few months ago we bought a POANG Armchair from Ikea to fill an empty corner of the living room, and to provide extra seating when guests come over. It isn’t a forever chair, but it works well enough and was budget friendly. At the time, the Mr. had wanted to buy the matching foot stool/ottoman to go with it, but I thought that it was a waste of money to spend $50 on something when I KNEW that I could make something much better for less money. I had a vision in mind, but sadly it didn’t end up coming to be. I’ve filed it away in my mind though so I’m sure some day I’ll make it happen.

Anyway, last week I had stopped in at Goodwill just to take a quick look around to see if there was anything worthwhile in there. Well, I am so glad that I made the stop! I happened upon this little beauty…

It sure was ugly, but with a $4.99 price tag it came home with me right away. I knew that I could make him shine again!

It was also a roll around variety with these gorgeous casters….

Look at that dirty, scuffed up, gold goodness!! My initial thought was to just spray paint them in a more updated colour to save a bit of money, but one of the first things the Mr. said when I showed it to him was “You’re not keeping it on those things, right?” Well, I guess I’m not now! haha

It also had some beautiful “button tufting” on the top…

And check out the close-up of that fabric! I’m pretty sure my mom wore a bridesmaid dress in the early 80s made out of something very similar. Super sexy.

So, I kind of had a fail when it came time to start the recovering process. I didn’t take a single picture of the process. Not one. I was working quite a bit this week, the one day was even a 13 hour day (eww) but I really wanted to get this thing done. So the day I started it I was pretty tired and not really into it, so I focused more on just getting it done instead of documenting the process. It was fairly straightforward though.

I got a piece of 2 inch thick foam and cut it to size to fit the top of the ottoman. I then laid cotton batting over that and then put my fabric over top of that. I ended up using a drop cloth to reupholster it since I wanted something fairly neutral so that it can transition with future furniture and decor. I had bought a meter of neutral fabric, but it wasn’t wide enough to wrap all the way down the sides of the ottoman since it’s fairly tall. The drop cloth was perfect because it was nice and large and now I have leftover fabric for future projects.

I just pulled it tight and stapled it to the inside of the ottoman to hold it in place. For the corners I sort of played around with them so that it looked like the fabric just wrapped down around the side. I think you’ll be able to see what I mean in one of the after pictures. After it was recovered, I added nail head trim along the bottom and put some furniture feet on it. I ended up sanding off the reddish-brown finish that was on the furniture legs and re-stained it with the same stain that I used on my sunburst mirror. They came out much lighter, but I was ok with that. I didn’t really want to keep doing layer after layer of stain to get it darker. Here is the picture of the legs I used from the Home Depot website, just to give an idea of what the colour looked like when I bought them:

Here is how my thrifty little ottoman looks now!!

You can see here how I did the corners. It’s also clear when looking a little closer that the nail head trim is a little less than perfect. I did measure it out, but it was hard to get them all exactly lined up. If I were to use this trim again in the future, I think I would look for the stuff that comes in a strip and not the individual nails that you put in one at a time. I think using the strip would make it easier to keep it all lined up.

A little close up of the trim and feet:

You can see how different the colour of the feet looks after I redid them. I’m actually really happy with how this colour looks and I don’t think that I would have liked them as much if they were darker, so it all worked out. You can also see the wood grain now, whereas the finish on them before was really fake looking and covered up the prettiness of the wood. They were also really banged up when I bought them, so the finish was coming off in spots so they would have looked very sad if I had just left them the way they were.

Here is how that little corner is looking now:

The Mr. said that he thinks I did a really good job, but that he’s not sure it really goes with everything else in the room. I do agree somewhat, but I wanted it to be able to work in the future as well when we have nicer furniture so I wanted to keep the fabric colour really neutral. I also think it’s kind of big for that chair, but at least now there’s a place to put your feet up when sitting there and we can also use it as an extra spot to sit when we have a lot of people over.

Overall, I am SO happy with how this turned out!! In total, I think I spent about $25 on it. I’m happy with a 50% savings, and I also think it’s much prettier than the one from Ikea!

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10 Responses to “$4.99 Thrift Store Ottoman Makeover!”
  1. Great find! xo Kristin

  2. arzea says:

    Wow what a great job you did! I am going to keep my eye out for one of these little guys!

  3. Jessica says:

    I love this! You did such a great job! Did you have to sew anything or did you use a staple gun?

    • nwbnstr says:

      Thanks! I didn’t sew anything, just tucked and stapled! I ended up putting a few small nails in some places too (where it wouldn’t poke through) since whatever the ottoman frame was made of was really hard to get staples into. It looked like MDF, but I don’t think it was because that’s usually a lot softer!

  4. eskibs says:

    Adorable! What a lucky find, and for $4.99, you couldn’t pass it up. It looks great!

    • nwbnstr says:

      Thanks! It really was too good to pass on. I figured even if it didn’t work out for some reason it wouldn’t have been a huge investment, but it ended up being a great $5 find!

  5. You know what they say, “Don’t dress the room you have, dress the room you WANT.” …they do say that right? I could be making things up. Either way, you did a fantastic job, and I love your studs!

    • nwbnstr says:

      That is such a great saying!! That is definitely the case in our house lol there’s some really nice stuff that I love, and some budget friendly stuff that’s just for now. Thanks for the compliment, I really like it too!

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