Kitchen Shelving Redo: Phase 1

We have a bookcase that was left behind by the old tenants that we’ve been using in the kitchen as extra shelving. It was in such bad shape initially that most sane people would have thrown it away. I however, I am not completely sane when it comes to some things. I was determined to save the sad little bookcase and give it a new life.

It was honestly so wobbly that I thought it might not even be able to be saved, but I put some metal L-brackets into the corners under the shelves and that really stabilized it. It isn’t 100% solid, but I doubt that it ever was. It’s one of the MDF and laminate deals that most likely came from Wal-Mart.

It’s been serving us just fine for the last 6 months as shelving for things like our Tassimo machine, knife block and spice rack but it also houses some miscellaneous (and unattractive) items on the bottom 2 shelves. I was tired of looking at the clutter on those shelves, so I decided that it needed a curtain.

This is in no way a tutorial for a curtain, since I didn’t really take proper measurements. I kind of just folded the ends over until it was the right length haha I did make sure to leave the one hem quite large so that it was a pocket for the curtain rod.

I ironed down the hem and pinned it to keep it from moving around, then simply sewed as straight of a line as possible! I used a zig-zag stitch, just to make it a little more fun. It’s not even noticeable from far away, but I’m still learning how to use my sewing machine so I decided to play around with the different stitch functions a bit.

I didn’t bother to hem the sides since they were already finished, but once the top and bottom hems were done I ironed the whole thing to make it look a little more presentable.

Next, I had to MacGyver a curtain rod. I had one of those cheapo rods that I had taken down in the guest room and replaced with a proper one, but it was way too long to use as is. So I modified it!

I pulled out the thinner inner rod, since it was one of the adjustable ones. Then I just used small pruning shears (SO not a proper tool, I know, but like I said I was MacGyvering this lol) and cut the rod to the size I needed. Those rods are fairly thin, so it cut easily.

Next, I cut the little end cap off of the larger end of the rod that I wasn’t using and put it onto the jagged end of my new rod.

I had to use pliers to clamp it on since it was too big. This bent that end a little bit, but it’s not noticeable with the curtain on.

To hang the rod on the shelf, I just used these little screw in hooks that I had hanging out in my tool bag.

Since the bookshelf is made with quality particle board, I just tapped the hooks into the shelf a bit to start a hole and then twisted them the rest of the way in. Gotta love cheap furniture!!

Here is what the bottom of the shelf looked like, pre-curtaining:

Despite what it looks like, we are not alcoholics, I promise! Some of that alcohol is probably years old lol You can see my L-bracket stabilization devices in this picture as well, another MacGyver solution. And the Mr.’s protein powder (it may be creatine, but I sure don’t know the difference). “Ma, where’s my protein?!” Points to anyone who gets that outdated YouTube sensation reference :) There are also a few items on the one shelf that I would like to display (the chocolate fondue set, milk and sugar container set and wine carafe) but unfortunately the upper shelves are full :(

And here is what the shelving unit looks like after the magic of a cover up curtain:

(Please ignore the random shoe box on the very top…just another thing that is awaiting my attention.)

I am so glad to have the clutter and randomness of those bottom 2 shelves hidden now! As the post title states, this is only phase 1 of this little redo. This guy has a date with some paint in his future. My plan is to paint the outside of it white so that it blends in better with the rest of the cupboards and the fridge and then I’m going to use left over bathroom paint to do the inside of the shelves. I figure it makes sense to use what I already have on hand, plus bathroom paint should clean up a little better than a flat paint would if anything spills on the shelves.

Anyone else have secret junk shelves/drawers/cupboards etc. that they’d like to cover up? Come on, we ALL have them….


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