Fall Wreath (Pool Noodle Style)

Yep, I jumped on the making-a-wreath-form-from-a-pool-noodle band wagon. Sadly, I had a big fail and forgot to take a picture of what the noodle looked like naked after I duct taped the ends together, but I think it’s fairly self-explanatory.

I picked up (the last!) pool noodle from the dollar store for only a $1.25, which was a huge bargain in my opinion because I had looked at the noodles at Wal-Mart and they were $15!!! I think the dollar store noodles were better for this anyway since they’re a bit shorter and probably lighter as well.

Anyway, I simply joined the two ends and duct taped them together so that it was nice and secure. I would probably recommend asking someone to hold the ends together for you while you tape them, since I did it by myself and it was kind of a pain to try holding it together while also wrangling super sticky duct tape. I got it done in the end though, so it was ok.

I chose to cover my bright yellow noodle in fabric. I picked up some plain white cotton fabric from Wal-Mart and ripped it into strips. I wrapped the strips around the noodle, doing a layer of plain white first and then I did a second layer that I had soaked in tea.

Just a tip if you decide to do something similar…wet your fabric before pouring the tea on it to help the colour distribute evenly on the fabric. Otherwise you may end up with a tye-dye look. Which I guess is ok if you’re going for that.

After the fabric soaked for a few minutes and was a colour I was happy with, I rinsed it out with cool water and threw it in the dryer for a bit since I was impatient and not willing to wait for it to air dry haha

Then I wrapped the tea dyed strips around the wreath, tucking all of the loose ends and gluing them to the back of the wreath so that it looked like one long strip was wrapped around the wreath.

Then I arranged some fall coloured fake flowers and berries (from the dollar store, yo!) onto the wreath, attaching them with pins. This was easier and less messy than hot glue, and if I didn’t like the way something looked I could just pull it out and move it.

I wasn’t really into the shiny pin in the middle of the flower look, so I just coloured over it a bit with a black marker. It didn’t disappear completely, but it’s a lot less noticeable.

Here is how the finished wreath looks on the door!

A bit blurry, oops!

I’m not technically Mrs. “M” yet, but it’s close enough, so I personalized the wreath a bit :)

I used a left over cotton strip to hang the wreath, and just tied it in a bow so that it wasn’t just a bare knot with long, sad pieces hanging down.

I’m really happy with how it turned out, especially since most of the supplies came from the dollar store. I only put it on the door to take the photos, it’s living in the closet until at least September 1 :) I may have jumped the gun a bit on making a fall wreath, but I’m not totally nuts and will not be putting up fall decor while it’s still August.

Happy fall decorating!

6 Responses to “Fall Wreath (Pool Noodle Style)”
  1. Jessica says:

    What a pretty wreath! My front door needs some updating. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • nwbnstr says:

      Thanks, I’m glad you like it! It was really easy, and since most of the stuff came from the dollar store it was inexpensive too. Have fun making yours! :)

  2. I will never throw another noodle away! This idea is great!

  3. Great ideas are meant to be shared and I thank you again!

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