Upstairs Hallway: Before & After

I’ve been working on posting pictures of our home the last couple of weeks, so today I have a quick post with before and after shots of the upstairs hallway. It’s nothing fancy, but it looks much better than it did before.

This is what the hallway looked like before…

Just a blah beige with dirty carpets.

This is what the hallway looks like now…


There’s more on my spray painted, distressed table here.I absolutely love Blue Mountain Pottery. The neat thing about it is that it originated in Collingwood, which is less than an hour from my home town…and it’s also where the Mr. and I got engaged :) I got these from my grandma last summer as a house warming gift when I moved into my apartment. They sit on the little ledge at the top of the stairs.


This isn’t technically the upstairs hallway, but it’s the view from the hallway looking down the stairs so I threw it in :)

So that’s the last of the house pictures that I’ll have for a bit probably. The only spots I haven’t shown yet is everything down in the basement, and the laundry room and the bathroom down there need some serious help before they’re ready for their photo debut!




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