Entryway: Before & After

Today’s post is a reveal of our entryway. It’s a long, narrow hallway so there’s only so much that can be done with it, but I think that it is now a fairly inviting space to enter into.

This is what the entryway used to look like…

I only took this one picture, but the after pictures are the ones that people are most interested in anyway, right? So, here is what our little skinny entryway is looking like now…

This picture is pretty dark, but this is the view from the living room towards the front door.

The view from the front door looking towards the living room.

The Mr. got me that bamboo plant about a year ago and it’s still going strong (despite what a couple of brown leaves may indicate…). There’s more info on our mail basket in this post. And of course, Miss Lola snuck her way into yet another photo :)

My mom painted and reupholstered that little bench and gave it to me for my birthday, so now we have a spot to sit and put on shoes. I also made the rock art to add a little splash of colour to this space.

These funky little beauties came from my aunt’s house. They were in their master bath when they moved in and they didn’t fit with the colour scheme that she was going for, so my mom happily took them off her hands and we were lucky enough to get them for our front entrance hallway. They’re so gorgeous at night all lit up!

So that’s our entryway! I like how it’s come together and it’s definitely a functional little space for us.


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