Living Room: Before and After

Today I’m sharing the before and after photos of our living room. It’s done for the most part, but there will be some tweaks and additions to this room here and there over time.

This is what the living room looked like before…

I just love when people leave all of their gross old stuff behind!

After painting all of the walls and trim, pulling out nasty carpet and underpad and having new carpet installed and all of my little touches, this is how our living room looks today…

The lighting is pretty terrible in here. It was an overcast day when I took the pictures, and despite opening all of the curtains and the front door, and turning on some lights, this was the best I could manage. I would also LOVE to get new furniture, but financially it’s not in the cards right now. So this set that was handed down to us will have to work for a while.

Check out here how I gave our coffee table a bit of a makeover, how I made the flower art here and how I styled that corner table here.
I’m planning on doing something with that red magazine holder, since it clearly sticks out like a sore thumb in this room. I think I’m going to take the fabric off carefully and try to use it as a template for a nicer fabric to put back on. Or I may try painting it. We’ll see! I’m also going to add to that little gallery wall over time to fill out the space a little more.

I’m really happy with how this side of the room looks now. Check out my adventures with the bookshelves here, how I made the sunburst mirror here and how I DIY’d those letters on the bookshelves here, using cardboard and tinfoil.

So that’s our living room! I think it’s a nice, comfortable room and I’m happy with how it’s filling out and feeling more balanced. I know that it will change and evolve a little over time, but I like how it’s looking and don’t feel the need to do anything major to it at the moment. I’ll have another room reveal posted soon!

Here’s a picture I took as I sat down to upload the photos and write the post…

Has anyone seen that commercial where the guy has the cat on his lap and he says “It’s hard to get any work done when my boss is so snuggly”? Yeah, that’s pretty much a daily occurrence around here!

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