Guest Room: Before & In Progress

I have another room reveal to share today!

Our guest room is still a work in progress, but it’s come a long way baby! I have pictures from before we moved in, from just this morning and from the update that I gave it today. The Mr. pointed out to me that we’ll only be living here for about another 2 years until we’re in a position where we can buy our first house, but I told him that I want to love this place as much as possible for as long as we’re here. So, each room is being lovingly arranged and decorated and I know that some of it won’t be finished until probably a year from now, but that’s ok with me. I love doing it, and I want our home to be comfortable and inviting for anyone who walks through the door.

First up, the pictures I took before we moved in. I shudder at the memory of how gross it was….

Don’t you just love all of that dirty, beigey goodness??

Now, the Mr. also uses this room to house the majority of his clothing. I’ve mentioned before that the closet in our room was only big enough for one of us and being the wonderful man that he is, he gave it to me :) So this room kind of doubles as his man “dressing room”. I’m sure he wouldn’t like me calling it that, but that’s basically what it is haha

So here is how it looked up until earlier today.

The duvet cover, pillow shams, bed skirt and decorative pillows are a set that I’ve had for at least 5 years and I put them on the bed in here because when we moved in it was the best thing I had on hand to try and dress up this room a bit. However, the colours majorly clashed with the grey walls and I’ve been itching to switch it up. Here is the hot mess that is the closet side of the room. Of course my newly made over dresser still looks great, but the rest of it? Not so much. My plan is to get a new laundry hamper for in here instead of the mismatched plastic baskets and to hang curtains over the closet to hide all of that business. Also, please excuse the blurry little kitty tail in the bottom left side of the picture haha she tends to follow me around the house :)

My original plan was to buy a new duvet cover for our room and move what we currently have in there into this room. It didn’t quite work out that way though. I was perusing the bedding section at WalMart since I’m cheap and I found a duvet cover and sheet set combo for $30. I was pretty excited about it since you’d be hard pressed to even find a duvet cover for that price, so I scooped it up and decided to just put it in the guest room.

Here are some in progress shots of the guest room now:

We’re still rocking brown curtains for now. I will eventually buy or make new ones that fit the colours in here, but it’s one thing at a time. Which is difficult for someone who is so impatient :)

I got those Paris prints a couple of years ago for Christmas and they work perfectly in this room. Those plus the pillows add some height to the wall behind the bed so I don’t feel the need to DIY another headboard to go in this room.

I also whipped up that flowered pillow cover using an old shirt and one of the decorative pillows from the previous bed set. I turned this….

….into this:

I was going to donate this shirt anyway, and figured why not turn it into something I could use? It was a bit of a pain since the shirt material has some stretch in it, so the final result is definitely not perfect, but it adds a nice little pop of colour to the bed. I just used this tutorial again and now I have a removable/washable pillow cover from an old shirt!

I love the way this room is coming together. The crisp white sheets look so nice against all of the grey and I love that the duvet cover and pillow shams are reversible if I want to change up the look a bit. I still need a bed skirt to hide the ugly metal bed frame, but I think it’s a much cozier and inviting space for our guests now.

Anyone else found any good deals lately on bedding? Who else loves the grey and white colour combo?

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2 Responses to “Guest Room: Before & In Progress”
  1. ~Tammy~ says:

    What a great transformation!

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