Door Organizer

That’s the only name I could think of for this little project, and it involves a door and is sort of in the organization family, so it will have to do!

I wanted a place where the Mr. and I can write down things we need to pick up at the grocery store, Costco, etc. and I decided that the door to the little kitchen pantry cupboard was the perfect spot.

My initial idea was to use a chalkboard, but that would have involved either buying a chalkboard, or chalkboard paint and the Mr. informed me that he does not like the feel of chalk/chalkboards. So, that would have meant buying a chalk pen. Too much work for what was supposed to be a quick little project, so I decided to go the dry erase route instead.

I bought a picture frame from Dollar Tree, along with some dry erase markers. I put a light coloured scrapbook paper into the frame, attached some yarn to tie onto the marker and hung it on the door.

Yes, I’m a cheeseball and left a little love note for my man haha

You can see some blue clothes pins peeking out in the bottom of the photo. This is because I decided that I wanted a place where we could stick receipts and whatnot instead of jumbling them up underneath our limited fridge magnets.

I have a bunch of plain wooden clothes pins left over from a bridal shower game that I had done a few months ago, so I just painted them in an ombre sort of effect and stuck them to the door underneath the picture frame.

My lovely sister and her fiance spoiled us with a Keg gift card as a thank you for housing our cat-niece over the weekend while they were away. Thanks guys!!

So here is my little “door organization center” in all it’s glory!

I really like how it looks, and I know that it will be very useful for us as well. I love all things organization and am slowly trying to have a home where “there’s a place for everything and everything in it’s place”. I just function better that way and walking into clean, organized spaces just makes me happy!

On a side note, I took a leisurely stroll through Dollar Tree this morning and I was really impressed!! The one I went to used to be a Dollar Giant but was recently renovated. I love the new store SO much more. They have a lot of great stuff and it’s so much more organized (see, there it is again! haha). I will definitely be going back in a few weeks to gather some fall decor, and I can’t wait to see what they have at Christmas! (Although we’ll just pretend I didn’t use that word since we’re only 8 days into August.)

Anyone else love organizing, like me? And who else can’t enough of dollar stores?


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