It’s a pillow party!

I finally got a sewing machine on the weekend thanks to my wonderful sweetheart :) He sure knows the way to my heart!

The first thing that I wanted to try to make were pillows for the couch. It’s a dated style and fabric, but it was free so I’m not complaining. However, I wanted to try and bring it into the current century and pillows seemed like the easiest way to do that. Not to mention that we now have something cushy to rest against :)

I knew that whatever type of pillow I made, it had to be easy. I haven’t used a sewing machine since high school, and even then my knowledge was very basic, so I knew that something with just straight lines, and no fancy stuff like zippers, would be right up my alley.

I pinned this tutorial a little while back from All Things Thrifty and I knew that it was exactly the easy and quick pillow that I was looking for.

Since I followed her tutorial pretty much exactly, I didn’t bother taking photos of the process myself. It’s probably best for everyone to listen to what a more experienced sewer has to say, but I do have a couple of tips that I think are worth mentioning.

1. Wash and dry your fabric first. This is helpful because it will get rid of any weird smells that your fabric might have (depending on where you buy it, I find that material of any kind usually has a scent of some kind to it) and it will also preshrink your material. I used cotton for mine and I didn’t want to some day need to wash the covers and then have the seams become all wonky from shrinkage.

2. Iron your fabric. I suppose you could do this after putting the whole cover together, but I think it’s easiest to do it once you’ve cut the individual pieces to the sizes that you need. I know that if I had not ironed the fabric, the wrinkles afterwards would have driven me crazy!

3. Think outside the box in terms of what fabric to make your pillows from. I looked at actual fabrics on bolts that would need to be cut to size, but that can get expensive, especially for the nicer and more stylish fabrics that I would have preferred to use. I ended up making a couple of the pillows out of a sheet! It was the right colour, had a subtle pattern that I liked and it had a high thread count and was made of Egyptian cotton so it’s very soft. I also got waaaaay more material for the price than I would have with a fabric off the bolt. I got 1 flat twin sized sheet for $10, which was enough for 2 16×16 pillow covers and the backs of 2 20×20 pillow covers plus I still have quite a bit left over. Table cloths, curtains, blankets, old sweaters, fabric shower curtains….these can all be turned into pillows for a great price! And thrift stores always have this kind of stuff, so be sure to check those out too.

I love that these pillows have removable covers, so they can be washed and I can easily change out the covers when I want an update or for holidays, without having to buy more pillow forms.

As I mentioned, I made the smaller grey pillows out of a flat sheet and the front of the larger pillows are made with a fabric that I found at WalMart! (I went with the flower pattern since I wanted something a bit more bold.)

Since the fabric from WalMart came in a precut size, there wasn’t enough fabric to do the entire cover for both large pillows so I used the grey sheet for the backs. I love how they turned out!!


This picture better shows how the two fabrics look together on the larger pillows.

Here is how the whole couch looks now.

I think that they turned out really well, especially since I haven’t used a sewing machine in 10 years!

I’m completely hooked on sewing now and I can’t wait to try making other things!



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  1. […] I knew that I needed to change the pillow cover in there to coordinate with the yellow in the fabric on the headboard, so I used the leftover fabric from my storage box project and the leftover grey sheet fabric that I used for the living room pillows. […]

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