The post with no name…

I had NO idea what to title this post since there are a few things going on within it, and I had no clue which part most deserved the title spotlight. So it shall remain nameless.

We have a little side table in our living room that I really love. My mom got it after my grandma passed away and then she handed it over to us when we moved in to our new place. I’ve contemplated painting and/or staining, or some combination of both, to liven the table up a bit, but for now I’m actually pretty happy with it as is. For now. I’m not ruling out a little makeover in the future.

What I haven’t been happy with is what was happening on the top of the table. As in the decor that I had sitting on it was sadly lacking. Here’s a look at the sad, empty, lifeless looking table before:

I decided to cover a few hardcover books with pretty scrapbook paper to use as part of the new decor for the table, and I had the perfect ones in mind.

These were a Christmas gift when I was 9, and they were actually a set of 4, but the book The Swiss Family Robinson went missing somewhere between then and now. My mom was cleaning some stuff out recently and so graciously bestowed my old books upon me. I probably won’t read these again, so I decided that they would be perfect to cover and display since they’re all the same size. And I don’t really miss the 4th book since things look best in uneven numbers anyway :)

I had a good chuckle to myself when I opened up the books and found this inside one of them:

I guess I wanted everyone to know who these books belonged to!! And then I turned the page and saw this…

Ummm…..not sure what I was thinking with that one. I suppose I was “autographing” the book and dedicating it to someone named Cindy. I have an aunt Cindy…maybe it was meant for her? My 9 year old self was a bit of a dork obviously….

This little gem also fell out of one of the books:

Ahhhh, even more proof of what a dork I was. Anyway…..

I chose some lighter coloured paper to help lighten up the corner that the table sits in.

The pattern on the lighter paper is actually a soft yellow but it doesn’t come out that way in the pictures unfortunately.

I cut the paper to the size of the book and then just put hot glue on the edges of the book to attach the paper. It was just a bit too short and didn’t quite cover completely, but the uncovered part is on the bottom, so no one will even see it!

Here is what the finished books look like all stacked up:

I found the sweet little sleepy brass kitty at Goodwill for $3. I am a self-professed cat lady (even though I only have one cat and therefore don’t actually qualify to be a true cat lady) and I thought that he would look lovely perched on top of the books. I think he does :) All I did was wipe him down with some vinegar and water to remove anything yucky that may have come with him from his previous home. I think he looks as good as new!

Another little project that I did for my table top redo was a picture frame that I got (where else??) at Goodwill. This is what it looked like before:

Pretty gross and ugly. But for $2, I knew that I could make it beautiful!

I gave it a few coats of primer then a few coats of semi-gloss white. I thinned out some light blue craft paint with water and then brushed it on over the leafy design and then wiped it off, leaving the blue in the recessed areas of the frame. Then I put a picture of me and the Mr. inside and this is what it looks like now!

Here’s a close up of the detail…

I LOVE it!! I don’t know if I’ll ever pay retail for a picture frame again! I reused the matting that was already in the frame, and even though it’s off-white I actually like how it looks against the white frame. The gold border gives it a little something extra too.

Also on the table is the candle holder that was there before. It was a Christmas gift from my parents a few years ago, and I can’t remember where my mom got it, but it’s beautiful and can actually be flipped over and used as a vase.

And here is what the table looks like now:

I think it looks great :) Much lighter in colour, and fuller and more styled looking. (We’re still waiting on the trim guy to do his thing, so please excuse the sad state of the bottom of the walls.)

One more little redo that I have is a tray for the coffee table. I got it at Value Village for $3 and this is what it looked like:

It even came with someone’s leftover melted wax…nice…

I scraped off the wax, wiped it off, primed it and painted it and now have this:

I don’t think I’m totally loving the bowl with the rocks and candle in it, but I was just adding things to it that I already had on hand. I think what I’d like there is a grouping of white candles in different heights. I do love the pop of colour that it adds to the table and the room and I like that we have somewhere to corral all of the remotes for the electronics (only 1 of which I actually know how to use haha).

So there are a few of the little projects that I’ve been working on, and why I wasn’t able to choose just one title for the post. I would also like to say that I think I have a thrift store addiction. I’m beginning to be able to look at things when they’re dirty and ugly and envision what I can do to make them beautiful and stylish. Plus, the prices at the thrift store definitely help fuel my addiction! I guess there are worse things I could be in to….

Who else can’t get enough of the thrift store? It can’t just be me!


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