Coffee Table Makeover

Our current coffee table is a hand-me-down from my parents. In it’s previous life, it was a lighter coloured wood and my mom had put a patterned paper underneath the glass top. That was actually it’s second life, since it came from my grandma sans paper under glass. So when I inherited it, it was on makeover number two since before handing it off to me, my mom painted it black and removed the decorative paper. Phew, that’s a lot of explaining for one little table.

I like the basic shape of the table, and the black fits in with the rest of the living room, but that glass top has been driving me a bit batty.

I suppose on one hand it’s easier to keep clean since it’s just glass and can be wiped down. However, every little crumb, smudge and streak was very visible and honestly…I don’t want to clean the thing every single day.

So, on to makeover number three we went. Here is what the table looked like before (although I took out the glass and removed the trim before I remembered to take a picture, so just imagine that beautiful gold trim all the way around the glass edge.)

Don’t you just love how 80’s chic it is?I had decided to go the decorative paper route, just like my mom had. My hopes are that the dirt/fingerprints/overall yuck that happens on coffee tables won’t show as much with the paper behind the glass.

I found this roll of wallpaper at the ReStore for $2!!

I love the pattern on it, and actually noticed after having it in the living room that it works really well with the flower art that I made for the living room. I love when things accidentally come together like that :)

I cut a length of the paper, leaving it overlapping on the ends a bit so that I didn’t have to worry about lining up the edges exactly.

The next step was to apply spray adhesive to the patterned side of the paper.

I put the paper on a piece of cardboard on the laundry room floor, since there will be some overspray when using spray adhesive, and I definitely didn’t want that mess on the carpet.

I gave the paper a light coat of the adhesive, following the directions on the can. I didn’t want a permanent bond between the paper and the glass, just enough to have the paper stick a bit, so I let it sit for about 3 minutes. Then I put the glass down on top of it.

Next I used an Exacto knife to trim off the excess paper.

Before starting the paper adhering part of this project, I took the plastic gold trim outside and gave it a few coats of Rustoleum Brushed Nickel in a satin finish. I wanted to update it a bit and have it blend into our decor better, and spray paint is always a fast and cheap way to do that!

I popped the trim back on to the edges of the glass and then put it back on the table. Here is what it looks like now:

I’m pretty happy with how it looks. The colours blend well with the rest of the living room and it adds a fun element to the table. It will also be really easy to change out the paper eventually if I ever decide to go for a different look.

Now I just need to figure out another project to use more of that fun wallpaper on!!

2 Responses to “Coffee Table Makeover”
  1. Cindy Brock says:

    You could use some of the leftover to cover picture frames or as a border inside the frames.

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