Upstairs bathroom: Before & After

I finally have pictures of another room before and after. I posted the before and after shots of our bedroom way back in February, and since then I haven’t felt like any of the rooms have been “done” enough to show off. However, since we don’t have an unlimited budget, I’ve realized that every room will probably continually have little projects that I want to do to make things feel finished.

So, I’m going to do my best in the next little while to just show photos of each room as they are in their current state, but I will also list the things that I would like to eventually do to the rooms. I’m working with pretty much no budget here, so stuff that we already have plus Goodwill will be how I make this house our (for now) home.

To start, here are some before pictures of the upstairs bathroom. I don’t think the pictures really showcase how gross it was, and when I took them I didn’t think to take any close up shots, so the befores are fairly limited.

You can kind of see the grunginess of the tub in this picture. It was waaaaaaay worse in person. I don’t think it had seen a good cleaning in many months….

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the light fixture was an ugly brassy gold colour, and whoever last painted this bathroom was NOT careful at all about painting around it. You can see a bit of the paint messiness on the side there.

The vanity was dingy, marked up and gross. The handles were also painted white, which just made the whole thing look very blah.This bathroom is ridiculously small. Like 5×6 small, with an almost 2 foot wide vanity taking up a good portion of that, so it’s incredibly difficult to take pictures of it. I did my best with the afters.

The wall colour is River Rock by Behr, a really pretty grey-blue. We replaced the gross old mirror that was frameless and held up with those cheap plastic clips. I also painted the vanity with a fresh coat of white and gave the handles a few coats of black spray paint. We’re still rocking the gold faucet since it’s in good condition and I thought it was silly for my parents to pay for something new. I have seen a few tutorials out there for painting a faucet, so that may be something I’ll look in to. I’d also like to hang a few floating shelves above the toilet to display some pretty things, since we have limited counter space so it only has room for the stuff we need to use every day.

I would also like to get a new bathmat that is a bit smaller, since the one we have is just a bit too big for that space and it drives me a little crazy.

I absolutely love this glass towel bar. My mom found it at the ReStore for $2!!! She looked it up online and the company that made it now only makes medical glass (think test tubes and the like) and to buy something similar is around $50. What a steal!

And here’s the redone light fixture. I used Charcoal craft paint to cover up the ugliness that it was before, and it’s held up great!

All in all, I’m very happy with how the bathroom looks now compared to what we had before. My parents also had the tub reglazed, so that made a HUGE difference. Hooray for not having to shower in months of other people’s filth!

I will try to have another room update posted shortly!

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5 Responses to “Upstairs bathroom: Before & After”
  1. I really love the color on the walls! It really brightens up the whole room and makes it look so much more finished.

    • nwbnstr says:

      Thanks! I really love the colour too and will definitely use it again in a future home. I didn’t realize what a big change it really was until I looked at the before and afters together!! The whole house is like that really though!

  2. Tezz says:

    I like it! Looks real nice and it’s a big difference from before!

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