I really wish I had…..

….millions of dollars, a vacation home in Italy and the body of a swimsuit model.

Just kidding. Actually, all of those things would be great, but they’re highly unrealistic. So let’s get back to reality, shall we?

I have a wish list of things that I would LOVE to have, and I think they’re all actually attainable, but at the present time they are slightly out of the realm of affordable for me. Hopefully one (or more?) of them will greet me from beneath the Christmas tree this year…hint hint mom and dad :)

1. First up, I desperately want a sewing machine. I haven’t used one since high school, but I’m a quick learner. I’m also pretty cheap, and it would be great to be able to make my own pillows and such. I don’t need a fancy one since I’m sure that I’d have no clue how to use 99% of the functions, so something simple like this would be perfect:

2. The next big ticket item on my wish list: A KitchenAid Stand Mixer. My sister has one (she’s a legit chef) and when we lived together I got to use it any old time I wanted to. Since we moved into separate abodes, I’ve been having some mixer withdrawal. I didn’t use it daily, or even weekly for that matter, but when I did use it…it was lovely. I’ve been getting along just fine without it, but it sure would be nice to have my very own. I took the KitchenAid Colourology test to find out which colour of mixer is best suited to me and according to that, I should have this in my kitchen:


I do really like the bright and sunny feeling of this one, but I also really like this colour:

Ice Blue

3. My next want-to-have item is a really nice camera. I know nothing about cameras, but I do know that my 5 year old Fujifilm isn’t really cutting it for taking really nice shots. My goal is to have something higher end that takes near professional quality photos by the time we have our first baby. I know I’ll be a crazy picture taking new mommy, so I want something that will capture all of the little moments in great quality. I would include a picture of something here, but as previously mentioned, I know nothing about what to look for, so I have no clue what would even be a good one to start out with. Any tips??

4. A cordless drill. I “borrowed” my parent’s drill for probably almost a year….oops. They finally confiscated it, so now I’m left really wanting my own. I don’t do any major construction projects, but there are some things that just require a drill. I think this one would work just fine:

RYOBI 18V Lithium Drill

5. Last thing on my current wish list is something that I will be getting for myself in the near future….an iPhone. I am probably one of the last young people on Earth who does not have one, but that will definitely be changing soon. I’m waiting for my contract on my current piece of crap phone to end so that I can get a better priced monthly plan and possibly switch service providers. We’ll see how it all shakes out. I’ve also heard that the iPhone 5 is supposedly coming out soon?? All I know is that I’ll be getting one within the next 6 months, regardless of which number/letter combo is tacked onto the end of it. The really tough choice will be….what colour and/or pattern of case to get???

iPhone 4s

So those are my current top 5 wish list items. Anyone looking for Christmas gift ideas can please take note :)

2 Responses to “I really wish I had…..”
  1. twistnpout says:

    I just got a singer sewing machine for mothers day. A simple sew. I’m glad my husband didn’t spend tons of money on a super techy high end machine because this sewing thins is really harder than I thought and I’m not likely to do much more than sew straight lines with it. :(
    I love the kitchen aid mixer. I have ALWAYS wanted one, but only for decorative purposes as I have no interest in cooking, so I have never splurged on one.

    Good luck to you, hope you get all that’s on your list!

    • nwbnstr says:

      It will probably take me a while to learn to do anything more than sew a straight line too, once I get a machine haha I’m determined to learn though!
      I’m really hoping that I get the KitchenAid mixer for Christmas, and I will definitely use it!

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