Desk makeover

Well, I’m officially back from a few weeks of not posting. Oops. Life kind of gets in the way a lot of the time and although I’m usually working on things here and there, posting about it regularly is the first thing to take a back seat when I get busy.

We had a fantastic long weekend away visiting my family, and I’ll have pictures to share of a little canoe jaunt that Ryan and I went on the one day, but I need to go through them first and edit a few of them so those will be up in the next couple of days.

Today, I have a quick little project to share that I think has made a big difference in the way my craft room/office is coming along.

Let me state here: neither the Mr. or I work from home and we have used this room for computer usage maybe five times between both of us, but since it’s not set up as a bedroom, the best way to describe it is as an office/craft room. I also generally do my crafting in the living room in front of the big TV, but all of my supplies are stored in this room, so there ya go.

When I had moved into my cute little one bedroom apartment last summer, I had a little nook in the bedroom that was the perfect size for a desk. However, the desk that I had (a Wal-Mart special circa 2005) had seen it’s share of moves and had more than served it’s purpose. It went out with the trash, and I was left desk-less.

Insert desk donation from my sister. Another Wal-Mart special, but in much better moving shape. It was free, and it served it’s purpose. It made the move with us to our new place in February, and again was serving it’s purpose, but I decided last week that the colour of it was just not doing it for me. So, she got a quick makeover!

Here is what it looked like before:

It wasn’t terrible, but since we’re going to be living here for at least 2 more years until we’re in a position to buy our own place, I want to make every room as beautiful and comfortable as possible without spending much money. (I also have a plan in mind to build something for my Cricut to sit on so that it’s easily accessible for me to use and not just sitting in the box. It was a very nice gift from my parents a couple of Christmases ago and it deserves to be used regularly.)

This desk is a particle board and laminate job, which I don’t think usually covers in paint very well. I have seen tutorials for painting laminate furniture, but since this desk doesn’t actually get a ton of use and will be getting the boot the next time we move, 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint did a good enough job for me on this one. If you plan to paint laminate furniture and want it to last for a while, Centsational Girl has a good tutorial here. I did not use an oil based primer and I also did not sand anything, but like I said, permanency was not my main goal in this project. I just wanted a quick facelift.

So after primer and paint, here is what the desk looks like now:

Isn’t that chair fantastic? My mom found it at a flea market and painted it and reupholstered the seat cushion and gave it to me for my 25th birthday. It will definitely always have a place in our home somewhere :)

I also bought some fake flowers to add a little colour and cheer to the desk. I just put them in a stemless wine glass that I already had, although I will eventually switch that out for something from the dollar store or Goodwill. (I also need to find something to cover up the obviously fake stems.)

The desk is by no means perfect, especially up close. There are still visible water marks from some time when a clearly very wet glass was placed on the desk, however the overall look of the room is much cleaner and brighter now I think.

So there is my quick and FREE (already had the paint and primer) desk makeover! As soon as I get the room somewhat organized again I will share pictures of how the whole thing looks. I’m going to be adding a House Tour tab to the main page soon with before and after (although realistically the afters will be progress photos) pictures of each room, so look out for that!

Has anyone else done any cheap and quick makeovers on anything lately?



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