Coffee filter wreath update

Sadly, the food colouring treatment that I used for my ombre coffee filter wreath completely faded within about a week of the wreath being on the front door. The front of our house is west facing, so every afternoon we get full sun beaming down on whatever pretty decor I have hanging on the door.

Since our front door is white, having a plain white wreath wasn’t really cutting it for me. I also want whatever is on the door to reflect the season, so I gave my cheapy coffee filter wreath a little makeover.

This is what the wreath looked like post-fading:


It was a good idea at the time, I’ll just have to remember for the future that if I use food colouring for a project like this again I won’t be able to hang it anywhere that gets sun.

So, I used a few colourful scrapbooking accessories that I had on hand to give my boring wreath a little punch of colourful summer fun.

I know that some of the flowers will fade eventually since they’re made of paper, but it was a free and fun update that will greet guests and it will work just fine until I change it up for fall (which I’m refusing to think about since summer just started!)

I’m looking forward to the long weekend and having 5 days off. Ryan and I are heading to my parent’s place for the weekend to relax, spend some time at the beach and squeeze in a round of golf with my dad (for Ryan, not me!). I am SOOO ready for some time off, and hopefully when we get back I’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle some of the bigger projects that I have planned!

Does anyone else have plans for Canada Day weekend? Any fun summer projects in the works?


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