Spray Paint Love, Part 1: Mason Jars

I have a new found love for spray paint. It’s amazing how quickly you can transform something ugly/old/boring into something that you love. I am learning some things about spray paint as well…mainly that using it outside in an uncovered area probably isn’t the best idea. Alas, I have no garage so my uncovered back patio will have to suffice…hopefully I don’t get too many twigs, leaves or bugs becoming a permanent part of any of my projects. Another thing I’ve learned is that primer is my friend. It makes the finished product look better, and it takes less coats of your colour to cover whatever it is that you’re painting. For the first few spray paint projects that I did, I used Krylon brand paint and really like it. This time around I used Rustoleum, since Home Depot didn’t have Krylon and I didn’t see any fun colours of Krylon at Wal-Mart. So, Rustoleum it was. I wasn’t a fan of the spray primer…it leaked all over my fingers. The can of actual paint was fine, so maybe I just got a bum can of primer?

I mentioned in this post that I had gotten 3 Mason jars from the thrift store for a total of $1.50. I had a few ideas of what to do with them, but decided to go the painted route. This was my inspiration:

So I picked up a can of Aqua Rustoleum in Satin Finish and got to spraying. Here are the jars, all naked and sad looking:

I sat them upside down to avoid getting too much paint inside of the jars. I ended up having to flip them over and give them a few sprays around the mouth of the jars. It was a bit difficult to get those spots when they were sitting on the ground.

A few coats of Aqua, and I had these little beauties:

For now they’re going to live on the dining table as a centrepiece, hopefully with some flowers in them soon. I think that something white would look nice and fresh for spring.

Has anyone else ever painted Mason jars?

8 Responses to “Spray Paint Love, Part 1: Mason Jars”
  1. Hi!

    I see that you have already received this nomination, but I have nominated you again! http://shellybyceinteriors.com/2012/04/08/versatile-blogger-award/

    If you choose to accept it again, here are the rules:

    Really enjoy your blog! :)

  2. Yours look fantastic! I have never tried these jars before but they look so lovely and rustic.

    • nwbnstr says:

      They did turn out really well! They’re going to be quite happy on the dining table for a while I think…until I can craft up something else I’m sure! haha

  3. LT says:

    I love the colour you chose! I have tried my hand at these but get a lot of streaks and drips. I am following the instructions on the spray paint, holding it 6 inches away from the object and doing light even coats but they still aren’t perfect. How did you get yours so smoothe? And I also notice you didn’t use primer, how many coats did they take? Good work!

    • nwbnstr says:

      Maybe it’s the brand of spray paint? I’ve used Krylon before and used Rustoleum on the jars, and both worked great, no drips or streaks. I’ve also read that you really do need to buy good brand names when using spray paint, no store brand stuff. I did probably 4 coats on the jars. I’ve learned my lesson not to spray too much on at once…it doesn’t look so pretty! The jars didn’t really need primer either, but I’d definitely recommend it for things like furniture and larger objects or you’ll use a lot more cans of the actual paint!

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