A little sneak peek….

I randomly checked out the Goodwill today when I was out and came across a little $7 beauty. Well, maybe it’s only a beauty in my eyes, because I can see what it will look like after I’ve painted it, and maybe distressed it, and added some fun touches to it. Here’s a little sneak peek-a-roo….

And I’d like to point out once again how much I LOVE the Picasa software (free to download ya’ll!). I can make photos from my somewhat ghetto, 5 year old camera look half decent…and I can add that fun little watermark in the bottom corner!

So hopefully I’ll have the finished product of this gem posted within the next few days. What I’m thinking I want to do shouldn’t take too long.

I also picked up 3 Mason jars while I was there, because they were 50 cents each and there are a billion things to do with Mason jars. A few ideas that I like are:

Stay tuned to see what I craft up with my 50 cent Mason jars!!

Does anyone else have a love for Mason jars? Have you done anything crafty with Mason jars lately?

6 Responses to “A little sneak peek….”
  1. Looks like you will do some great things with those jars!

  2. I do love those mason jars. I just saw a really fun tutorial on painting them the other day. Perfect for spring.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • nwbnstr says:

      I’ve seen a few tutorials for painted Mason jars lately, I think that’s definitely what I’m going to do with them! I bought a beautiful aqua coloured spray paint to add some spring colour to our house!

  3. I love mason jars! The starfish candle is my favorite!

    • nwbnstr says:

      I have a new love for them too, thanks to Pinterest! I really love the starfish candle holder too…I think I’m going to have something similar on my patio this summer!

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